Showpiece Greenwich transport interchange tower plan scrapped

Plans for a rebuilt transport interchange in North Greenwich by world-renowned architect Santiago Calatrava have been apparently scrapped.

Knight Dragon were behind the plans which were revealed with press releases and much publicity in early 2017. Since then little has been heard.

Revised housing plans

Knight Dragon have also cut back sharply on housing plans as prices in London have fallen in months, though many other developments are proceeding in the wider area including homes at the former Greenwich hospital site and Victoria Way in Charlton.

Victoria Way development is well underway

It could now be many years before the overcrowded existing bus station is rebuilt. With many thousands of homes being built in Greenwich and Charlton this is not a welcome prospect.

Former Greenwich hospital – taken March 2019

It also comes at a very difficult time politically with the Silvertown Tunnel set to be approved imminently by Mayor Sadiq Khan. While money is found for the road tunnel, extra trains for the Jubilee Line were scrapped in late 2017, numerous local bus routes have seen cuts (though a new route is planned to start later this year) and now the bus station upgrade looks in limbo.

Scrapped housing plan on Greenwich Peninsula from Knight Dragon

This site has previously covered Knight Dragon’s plans to increase the overall number of homes by nearly 2,000 home to 17,000. other sites on the Peninsula such as revamped plans at Enderby Wharf and morden Wharf will take homes above 20,000, with at least 7,500 planned in Charlton. Many transport forecasts are based on outdated plans for fewer homes.

A bridge was also part of plans. There is no word on what is happening to improve access to other parts of the Peninsula.

A new music and events venue named Magazine with 10,000 capacity opens next month. Some roads nearby do not even have paving alongside.

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    4 thoughts on “Showpiece Greenwich transport interchange tower plan scrapped

    • Ah, very sad news. Was the one bright light in the whole development.

    • This is very bad news for the area with thousands of new homes being built in both Greenwich and Charlton.The bus station at North Greenwich Station is in desperate need of any upgrade with room for more buses. Along with new trains for the DLR Jubilee Line and South Eastern.

      The transport planning infrastructure for the Borough is outdated as does not take in to account the amount of new homes already built and under construction with more planned and the growth in the local population which has inceased over the last few years.

    • I agree CDT the current transport infrastructure will not be able to cope with demand soon,
      Unless serious action is taken in the very near future to be improve the transport infrastructure. Many services are already overstretched with more cuts to bus services planned by TFL. Route 472 is also due for a frequency reduction soon.

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