Will Abbey Wood Crossrail’s public realm improvements rapidly fail?

The area around Abbey Wood station is currently a giant building site as long-delayed public realm work is underway. New road layout, paving, lighting; that sort of thing.

Yet looking at renders of what is coming, and what the work entails, it all looks a likely candidate for going wrong very soon. It must be remembered that this area barely ses any enforcement against bad parking, and hasn’t for years at least on the Greenwich side. Paving by the station was a daily car park before Crossrail work begun:

Before Crossrail work

Leaving the station often saw this:

Cars blocking pedestrian exit

So will the shiny new paving and public space being installed at high cost, as seen in renders below, end up a car park?

Renders of new scheme

On my last visit there was, of course, a vehicle on paving blocking pedestrians:

The random wooden bollards working as well as ever without enforcement

Regular readers will know I mock Greenwich Council a fair bit for sticking up the ugliest bollards they can find apparently at random, but sometimes they are of course needed, and when installed with some rhyme or reason. If these renders are accurate, this is probably one place given recent history unless the authority will enforce on a very regular basis.

Cars parking on blind bend

The other side of the station could well see the same issue. Wilton Road is to become two-way traffic with cars having to turn around by the station. It’s already pretty chaotic.

Courtesy Bexley is Bonkers

Add in minimal enforcement and the result could well be multi-million pound granite paving ruined. The borough boundary runs right down the middle of Wilton Road which could compound confusion.

Render of work

In Bexley is Bonker’s regular pictures we see that enforcement is still pretty much non-existent on the Greenwich side. One car is parked all day, every day in what is supposed to be short stay. They have done for years. Clearly no one is checking.

And if that continues, expect a big car park after completion and millions of pounds of expensive paving becoming a bit of a mess within weeks.

Bexley is Bonkers is doing a steller job documenting changes as ever, and highlights that Felixstowe Road will close soon for work to be carried out along with other closures in the area causing mass delays.

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3 thoughts on “Will Abbey Wood Crossrail’s public realm improvements rapidly fail?

  • April 17, 2019 at 9:09 pm

    That new station turned out a bit “different” to the glossy images didn’t it? Blank facades and featureless expanses.

    This is why pre-built graphic images should *never* be trusted.

  • April 18, 2019 at 8:26 pm

    Bollards must be erected to stop vehicles getting onto the paved area and attendants to keep the space clean and tidy. Otherwise it will just turn into a flyblown, rubbish strewn eyesore.

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