Big increase in burglaries across Greenwich borough

Latest figures for burglaries across Greenwich borough show a big jump in the latest quarter compared to the previous three months.

There were 606 burglaries in Q3 2018/19 compared to 427 in Q2 2018/19.

Anecdotally, burglaries had appeared to increase and social media accounts from police had touched on the issue with these numbers confirming the problem.

Robbery also showed an increase around 10% whilst domestic abuse offences dropped (though repeat offences rose).

According to a Greenwich Council report:

“A partnership burglary task group was set up in October 2018 between the police and Council. The group has produced a Burglary Action Plan that sets out a plan intended to reduce this crime in the borough.

Over 500 residents attended three Burglary/Crime Prevention Roadshows in quarter 3. These events focused on raising awareness and educating the public on target hardening to make their property less vulnerable to this type of crime. These road shows were run jointly by officers in the police and the council in the lead up to the Christmas period and will continue into quarter 4 to reinforce the message.”


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One thought on “Big increase in burglaries across Greenwich borough

  • None of this is surprising. Most people are unaware that ALL police emergency response teams (the ones that answer 999 calls – the bedrock of policing) left Greenwich borough late last year. Our police are now split between Lewisham and Bexleyheath with only SNT remaining. SNT is one PC covering an entire ward with two PCSO’s to assist. Split that over a 7 day rota and you’ll be lucky to see them for 5 hours a day, 4 days a week.


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