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Construction on Greenwich council housing underway

Site of future homes beside Zone 3 station. Is land being maximised?

Plans for new council homes beside Maze Hill station are now becoming a reality as construction kicks off on new homes.

Plans were approved in May 2017 and covered on this site. There will be 15 homes in total on two sites.

These are higher density than previous terraced council homes which underutilised this spot directly next to the station which is just over 10 minutes from London Bridge station.

Maze Hill council homes

Peter Barber is the architect behind this new round of buildings which look far better than those built less than a decade ago.

A council backed scheme in Fletcher Road, Charlton

An exhibition of the architects work was recently held at the Design Museum.

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  1. GreenwichRes

    You say the new buildings look far better than the others, is that based on the sketches above (which I don’t think looks that promising) or are there better views elsewhere?

    I hadn’t realised the other buildings were council and don’t think they look too bad at all. I think it would have been nicer to carry on with terraces in keeping with the rest of the street.

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