Road changes afoot in Greenwich

Workmen have been busy this week making changes to roads near the A102 on Tunnel Avenue.

The junction has seen complaints from some of illegal maneuvers by drivers trying to avoid queues. Traffic numbers are growing locally due to the number of new homes, shops and attractions in the area.

New hotel being built behind where photo taken. First owners run out of money.

The funding source of Tunnel Avenue work is unknown. It could be related to Ikea S106 cash (or one of the many other developments nearby), TfL or another scheme. One thing it is not is Local Implementation Plan funds for east Greenwich around the Woolwich Road flyover due to be spent imminently. There’s still no word on what any project will involve – and work was potentially due to begin tomorrow.

There’s a related scheme for Westcombe Hill and junction near the former east Greenwich library. I’ve said it before – some minor interim changes to road layout, materials used, lighting and better street furniture could make the world of difference here to improve conditions and appeal for pedestrians and cyclists. Even some paint on guardrails and greenery would help. One possible option, for example is to install the smarter railings removed from Eltham High Street work that went into storage. What happened to those?

It’s all minor in terms of cost until major work is carried out in coming years when funding permits.

I would ask local councillors but two out of three Labour cllrs in Peninsula ward have blocked me on social media – the only ones in any ward in Greenwich. I was accused of being a green supporter by one though (I’m not).  So it’d be up to you dear reader to find out what is happening with these schemes and why no public consultation of incoming Local Implementation Plan projects (note – NOT the Low Emission Zone just west on Trafalgar Road where consultation is underway – it does get confusing).

If the environment was a bit more pleasant around here the council would have possibly raised more from the sale of east Greenwich library. Many potential buyers would see the area and run a mile. It’d be a tough sell letting a shop or commercial unit in the area as things stand. At a time of cuts it seems incredibly counter-productive not to improve areas when funds are there – it’d pay for itself.

Thank God the cycle sign is there. Changes everything!

Work also continues nearby on converting the former Pilot Busway to a standard two-way dual carriageway.

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I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

3 thoughts on “Road changes afoot in Greenwich

  • Yeah but why does it matter wot party you support. I am a council tenant n vote Lib Dem but that aint stoppin me askin abahrt wass goin on when it comes dahn to plannin n traffic works thass wot they call bein democratic n wass for sure this council aint.

  • So murky Labour Councillors in Peninsula Ward blocked you on Social Media. Just goes to show you what they are like does it not? It makes you wonder how many of their constituents are also ignored when they contact them. However, to be fair these are not the only councillors that do this, Gone are the days when we had Councillors that really cared about the areas they presented like retired councillors Jim and Janet Gillman to name a couple.

    So much for being open and transparent in public office. You only ever asked questions that are important to the areas in which they serve and affects us all.

    I agree better street lighting and street furniture could improve this very busy and dangerous junction until further improvements to this junction can be completed in the future when funds become available,

  • An observation on this from 0820 when I was trying to get to one of the wharfs on Blackwall Lane. Traffic from the A102 was entering the Tunnel Road lane and then a) turning right onto Blackwall Lane (illegally) to then rejoin the A102 or b) doing 3 point turns past the installations you pictured.
    I also saw several coaches heading down Blackwall Lane to rejoin the A102 via the ‘bus only’ entrance. This is a new one on me and I’m pretty sure it’s not allowed. If it is allowed to continue the junction will become bunged up with commuter coaches.


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