Council worker finds hidden stun gun on Woolwich estate

A council worker has discovered a stun gun hidden in Woolwich.

The quick thinking worker realised the item was suspicious upon discovering it on Woolwich Dockyard estate. They alerted police and it is now being forensically examined.

In recent years a trend has emerged of gang members hiding knives and other weapons in public places. Regular weapons sweeps are undertaken , though this was a random find.

Both wards in Woolwich saw a large increase in weapon enabled crime in the year to June 2018. Woolwich Riverside saw a 56% increase and Woolwich Common 92%.

One thought on “Council worker finds hidden stun gun on Woolwich estate

  • January 5, 2019 at 2:31 am

    The stun gun pictured looks remarkably like one of the $30 variety bought online, disguised variously as mobile phones, portable radios or perfume sprays. They hurt like hell but mercifully don’t have anywhere near the same stopping power as a real Taser. The vigilance of the council officer is to be commended – one less of these wretched things around, the better.


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