Plans for almost 50 flats in Sidcup approved

Bexley Council this week approved plans for almost 50 new flats in Sidcup.

At a meeting on Thursday, the new build was given the green light by councillors despite no affordable housing being proposed.

Current attractive building.

It’s a shame the existing Oceanic House is going given its solid proportions and handsome appearance.

There is no affordable housing.

This was as usual due to the notorious “viability” test. If a vacant site on the outskirts of London being built to relative high density (this is six stories) cannot provide “affordable” homes, even at the most expensive rate, then the whole system is broken.

A scheme is deemed unviable to provide affordable homes if the profit margins of developers is less than 20%.

Indeed, it’s interesting how many developers can suddenly squeeze more affordable homes when plans are rejected.

Health concerns

Tory councillor June Slaughter opposed the plan due to pressure on GPs yet pressure on GPs exists in areas where no new homes are built as much as in areas of new development which points to a deeper underlying issue of funding.

People don’t just conjure into existence when new homes are built. More and more people are squeezing into existing homes converting to HMOs and flat shares without enough affordable new homes being built and thus harder to count occupation levels.

Her colleagues at Westminster also play a big role in health issues and funding, though the recent budget announced a large increase in NHS spending.

Bexley Council records its planning meetings and this scheme can be seen here.


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    3 thoughts on “Plans for almost 50 flats in Sidcup approved

    • Bexley are notoriously bad for social and affordable housing.

      It’s not going to suit them long term. It just means more poor people squeezing into flat shares and HMOs and they wont vote Tory.

      Former Tory voters will see family homes becoming HMOs and turn away from them.

      • Bexley have strict rules in place to prevent the proliferation of HMOs, even small ones. I can’t see Bexley council turning red any time soon. I think they see what’s going on in Greenwich and that’s strong enough reason to vote Tory.

    • I know its nothing, but actually out of 42 units, six are shared ownership so there is some “affordable” in there (strong emphasis on the quotation marks there)


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