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Greenwich Council substantially increasing parking permit costs

Many cars on paving day in day out in same spot near CPZ. No action taken

Greenwich Council are to shortly increase the cost of Parking Permits just days after it was revealed that income to the Parking Department was yet again way below forecasts.

The increases are steep, and come months after 6% council tax rises.

Business permits in all day weekday zones jump from £126 to £400. That will hurt tradespeople.

This happens as many more permit zones are being rolled out.

This site only just covered how the Parking Department saw a shortfall of £1.2 million last year based on budget expectations, and follows a pattern stretching back at least five years.

The strategy to make up losses seems to be to go after drivers with permits, including those running businesses, rather than crack down on endemic, borough-wide illegal parking blocking pavements, cycle lanes and roads.

This site’s mailbag is full of people contacting me with poor parking that is reported dozens of times on Fixmystreet and email to no avail. I see the same things in the same locations week in, week out with little to nothing ever being done.

So what’s the moral of the story out of all this? If you play by the rules you’re an easy target, yet if you do what you want you can act with impunity?

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  1. Jo

    This will really hurt. I have a car for elderly relatives and live in a zone. Other cars park how they want around here – on greenery and pavements as well as by junctions and dropped kerbs – and despite notifying Greenwich so many times NOTHING is ever done. Never ever seen a warden or ticket.

    We are now subsidising them not fining those drivers who do this essentially.

  2. Tina Callow

    It’s a good idea but some people park where ever they want many time I have tried to use the drop Kerbs with a wheelchair but oh no parked across never no one around to help or when you call Greenwich no one to help one rule for one and the a rule for others not a happy resisdent

  3. parking permits are a joke. I live in a parking zone. At least 10 cars are parked here every day with no permit, also cars now park on corners where there are no permits causing danger not only for car drivers but mums with buggies too

  4. ROC

    Having been ticketed by “Wings” a week after my son moved into the area, I think it is daylight robbery. We displayed a permit but, apparently, even though it is under the guise of Greenwich Council, no common sense was used. Thieves. My son has to pay for residents parking, visitors parking and roadside parking, even for him ,despite being a resident. He got ticketed for parking on the road. Joke!

  5. Tracy Robbins

    The borough should just tow illigal parkers and fine to get your car back they then be able to do proper cheque and stop the ones that ruin it

  6. Tracy Robbins

    Greenwich is a dump any nice gets trash people are messy and just drive and park like idiots you will get people parking across car park exits so no one able to get out with out damage it’s a joke of a place and what they say of it sad but true

  7. Tim Clark

    What do the ridiculous amounts of our council tax actually pay for then – another stealth tax from our friendly council

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