Tesco withdraw plan to cut Woolwich parking hours

Tesco last night withdrew plans to shorten parking hours at its Woolwich superstore to two hours.

At a busy planning board meeting, the scheme for 272 flats in Abbey Wood was also deferred.

It was also revealed that just £50k, or 3%, of £1.25 million income derived from the scheme would be spent on local public realm improvements and parks. Penny change really.

Courtesy Google. By Abbey Wood park. Poor public space. Park not great either.

Given one of Londons most neglected and deprived estates is directly next to the site its a shockingly low amount. Aren’t Labour councils supposed to improve deprived areas? Apparently not in Greenwich borough.

EDIT: The £50k isn’t even part of the £1.25 million developers obliged to give as part of the Community Infrastructure Levy. It’s an additional amount that developers are willing to contribute even though they don’t have to. So in effect it’s zero from £1.25m for adjacent estate and local area. Pitiful.

If any Greenwich Councillor wants to email me at fromthemurkydepths@gmail.com I can provide evidence of what other London Labour councils do in similar scenarios.

Greenwich Council ignoring areas in need HAS to stop. Councillors have to stop being fobbed off with weak explanations. Look at other boroughs to see what can be done.


Darryl of 853 was there and did a steller job as ever at covering the meeting, including filming the event.

It’s a great shame they are not routinely filmed and placed online by Greenwich Council, as Bexley Council now do.

Though given the contentious nature of many decisions many councillors must be glad it isnt. It also helps obscure issues such as councillors arriving late for crucial votes.

Medical Centre

A medical centre was also approved in Thamesmead against Planning Officer advice, due to being located on an industrial estate.

And councillors also approved moving Plumstead library to a car park site on the High Street whilst the exisitng library is rebuilt.

Many local people had argued that Greenwich Council have understated usage of the car park and the effect losing places would have. It was discovered many car park users were not paying given Greenwich’s shambolic Parking Department were very rarely checking. Regular surveys by local people were markedly different to council numbers.

Heavy traffic on Bugsby’s Way before Ikea arrives. This was taken early afternoon

Still, its only a £10 million budget hole in the Greenwich Parking Department since 2012. Its not like that income would have done much to improve the boroughs streets (parking income is ringfenced to highways  and streets) given how wonderful, attractive and safe many streets are.


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5 thoughts on “Tesco withdraw plan to cut Woolwich parking hours

  • It’s like Greenwich borough politicians are under orders NOT to discuss these incoming millions from new blocks.

    Forget the momentum left right nonsense within the party, but surely all Labour cllrs should be very uncomfortable about poor areas being ignored no matter where they stand?

    I just don’t get it. Im a Labour voter and I just do not get this borough and why they are ignoring poorer areas with this money. Its utterly odd. Can anyone enlighten me?

    • There’s some new Cllrs and new leadership so let’s see if anything changes. It could be that they’ve believed incorrect information in the past and not challenged it. I’ve seen that myself.

  • Is that the kidney treatment centre in nathan way?

  • If you want to keep on getting what you are getting, keep on doing what you’re doing!

    Until voters start voting for other parties Labour council will keep on having such distain for the voters and neglect the less ‘desirable’ areas within the borough.
    They know there is are a large majority of voters who will vote for them regardless. You can pin a Labour rosette on a donkey and people will vote for them because it’s labour.
    To be honest a donkey will probably do a better job!

    Start voting for other parties (ideally independents) so the main parties are forced to wake up & work for their votes.


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