DLR strike appears confirmed for tomorrow and Thursday – no service expected

Last minute hopes of a resolution in a dispute between KeolisAmey Docklands (who now operate the DLR) and RMT staff appear over and the strike will go ahead tomorrow and Wednesday.

TfL will lay on extra buses. 49 in total. Yet this will not do much to alleviate severe crowding expected on Southeastern routes on the Woolwich line and the Jubilee Line via North Greenwich.

Woolwich station

Lewisham station is also expected to be extremely busy.

Lewisham station looking a bit quieter than tomorrow

Then RMT union give these reasons for taking strike action:

  • Outsourcing of jobs through the use of contractors, undermining the job security and pay and conditions of DLR permanent staff
  •  Attacks on rostering agreements that would worsen work/life balance
  • Abuse of key policies and procedures, including attendance procedures
  • Payroll and taxation failures leaving RMT members to deal with the consequences

In response Keolis stated that:

“Meetings with the RMT to resolve these issues are continuing so the announcement of strike action is totally unnecessary.”

It will impact thousands of new residents who have moved into developments along the Woolwich branch such as Royal Wharf. The thousands of new homes being built along that stretch was covered recently.

Many will take buses to Canning Town to try to catch the Jubilee Line. Both will be extremely busy.

Further action may occur from 04:00 hours on Friday 20th April 2018 and 03:59 hours on Tuesday 24th April 2018

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3 thoughts on “DLR strike appears confirmed for tomorrow and Thursday – no service expected

  • Biligerent and disruptive 1970’s trade unions still moaning about Marget Thatcher who’s sole objective is to cause chaos in a pathitic attempt to overturn the elected government, total fail there are thousands of new guests in the UK who would welcome the opportunity to do those jobs at half the wage the current employees earn
    Get over it and get on with life, the government owes you nothing

  • The thames clipper from Woolwich, a fine, but tad more expensive, replacement, was too a lot busier than usual this AM.
    Still undecided on my stance regarding the strike, as long as it’s resolved soon then everyone’s a winner I suppose.

  • I had no notification of the strike from TfL and schlepped to Lewisham in the poxy rain.

    @Martin pocock: we don’t live in a communist state and workers still have the right to withdraw their labour in pursuit of legitimate aims and you need to ‘get over it’.


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