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Woolwich takes big step forward as new market and restaurant approved

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A couple of decisions have been made by Greenwich Council planners offering the potential of big improvements at Woolwich Town Centre.

Firstly, the “Wool Yard” market proposal has been approved. The plans were previously covered and include a number of food and drink stalls in a spot close to Lidl.

The market plan also sees improvements made elsewhere with improved lighting to make the area more welcoming.

New restaurants

Secondly, conversion of two retail units into a restaurant on Powis Street has been approved at the second attempt.

Greenwich Council initially refused using some baffling reasons covered here. One given was outside seating impeding pedestrians even though neighbouring units have similar and the site is on a pedestrianised street.

Fortunately sense has prevailed.

The biggest obstacles to pedestrians in the vicinity are excessive street furniture and clutter, with the biggest obstacles being raised areas around the base of trees.

These should be reduced in size or removed completely to reduce impediments especially to wheelchairs and buggies.

It’s a basic thing but installing these in a busy High Street with high pedestrian footfall shows scant knowledge of basic design. The raised area around trees was formerly paving with embedded lighting which wasn’t maintained.

When I was there a street sweeping machine was trying, and failing to get through.

Here’s an example of a High Street with excessive clutter removed:

And lastly, in more good news for Woolwich a fish and steak restaurant is opening on Powis Street at the former Clockjack site.

Clockjack didn’t thrive as it offered similar food to other outlets at twice the price. The reviews were mediocre. This has a better chance.

A high quality chippy should appeal to existing locals, visitors at nearby hotels such as the recently opened Premier Inn as well as the thousands moving into new flats in the area.

Running this site takes time and costs money. I hope you enjoy it, and any help to support it continue would be much appreciated. Donations can be made at


  1. Tired but still standing

    If not a light then a spark at the end of the tunnel.

  2. G


    I expect we will have more of this the closer we get to crossrail completion and beyond.

    A place reborn. Woolwich, big up yourself!

    • Comment by post author


      Hopefully. Such amazing potential for becoming a great place to visit with great architecture across the town and empty spaces that can be better utilised as the market plan is doing

      • G

        Yes, the architecture is great.

        I think the place is coming up from a long way down. I moved here 2.5 years ago and I can see the change occurring.

        When I first moved here and I told people where I live the reaction was usually either “F****** hell, Woolwich” or “Where?”. Now it’s a bit more positive and people will say they have heard good things about it.

        I actually think that the wider area of Woolwich, Charlton, North Greenwich and Plumstead in RBG together are all combining to make great neighbourhoods.

        Still many improvements to come. And, thanks again for the work you do, the coverage is excellent!

        • anonymous201486

          ‘When I first moved here and I told people where I live the reaction was usually either “F****** hell, Woolwich” or “Where?”. ‘

          Ha, ha. Woolwich needs to improve out of all recognition before I would even consider living there. The main shopping streets are full of low rent ‘value stores’ and generally look tatty.

          Will there be enough people interested in visiting the doubtless chi chi market space?

  3. Plumstead Resident

    Hope the restaurant succeeds and doesn’t price itself into closure. I’m doubtful a pricier restaurant outside the Riverside will work. In the evening Powis Street is hardly appealing with most of the high street shops closed, cars and youths loitering.

  4. Christine Tambe

    Do not remove the trees in Powis Street! The photo you show of the street so called clutter free looks like a hark back to a souless 70s shopping street.

  5. Sam

    just stumbled across this blog & must say you are doing an incredible job. I moved to Woolwich earlier this year & have been keen to keep an eye on all the new developments.

    I’m particularly interested in what is going to happen with Mortgramit Square as I live in the old Co Op building facing the river. Your article on the proposed tower would be a travesty.

    Woolwich has so much potential, I just hope they focus on regeneration & not demolition. Some of the older buildings could be turned into something really quite special.

  6. anonymous201486

    @G who asked where I live, the answer is Blackheath. I know Woolwich very well and went to school in Plumstead. Not withstanding the shiny high rise buildings, much of surrounding areas are dirty and run down.

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