Boom time for new skyscrapers at Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf and the Isle of Dogs is currently in the midst of a growth spurt of new towers, with more now rising than at any one time in its history. They could well make the biggest impression since the original tower – 1 Canada Square – rose  in the early 1990s.

If you havn’t noticed the changes yet you soon will as many towers are now breaking ground.

Firstly, there’s Newfoundland which will be 220 metres tall. This is a residential tower from Canary Wharf group. Not a bad looking tower at all in renders with diamond cross-bracing. Initial cladding looks like some “economy savings” have occurred though.

The tower seen from the west

It’s currently up to around floor 30 which is half the eventual height. This was taken a couple of days ago:

Close-up of cross-bracing on Newfoundland

Close by is an office block also by Canary Wharf Group named Ten Bank Street, and here’s how it will appear.

Ten Bank Street seen on the right

To the east of the main Canary Wharf estate is a big expanse of land named Wood Wharf.

This is a huge scheme with the first few buildings now rising. This is also a Canary Wharf group development.

The building emerging on the right will be one of the tallest across the estate. It’s an interesting design which breaks away from the very boxy designs in the vicinity.

A couple more snaps. This one with Wood Wharf on the right:

And this one looking from Marsh Wall by South Quay station:

This post is mostly focusing on towers now underway, but here’s a look at plans for the entire Wood Wharf site:

The entire development is worthy of an article in its own right as a major expansion to Canary Wharf with 3,500 homes, office blocks and many shops planned.

Away from Canary Wharf Group developments and we get to Landmark Pinnacle at 233 metres tall. Chalegrove Properties are behind this scheme which totals 752 flats.

Here it is poking out when taken from a passing DLR.

Landmark in the centre with Ten Bank Street tower on right

This will be one of the largest in the area – almost as tall as one Canada Square.

Like most renderings, the above image only shows one new development in isolation which doesn’t give the full picture with so many now rising at once.

Nearby along Marsh Wall are The Wardian towers topping out at 187 metres and 55 floors. Both towers are now up to around the fifth floor. Ballymore are behind this development.

It’s located by the DLR between Herons Quays and South Quay where the track turns 45 degrees.

Here’s a poor quality shot from a passing DLR with ten Bank Place on the right, Landmark Pinnacle in the middle and Wardian on the left.

A bit further along Marsh Wall is South Quay Plaza. This will have 888 homes in two buildings of 68 and 36 storeys. Fosters and Partners are the architects.

The tallest tower on the left is South Quay Plaza

It can just be seen below poking out the ground as it now starts to rise:

With many of these towers planned to rise around one floor per week they’ll be making a big impression by early next year.

Slightly further south is a number of towers which are part of Millharbour Village.  This Galliard scheme tops out at 44 floors with six towers in total.

Finally (for this post) there’s The Madison. It’s further east along Marsh Wall.

There’s many more on the drawing board or not confirmed as going ahead yet as funding isn’t secured, even if planning permission granted.

But that’s at least 10 towers that will be appearing far and wide on the skyline in coming months. The view of the area will bulk out as Canary Wharf and the north of the Isle of Dogs enters another level of growth as Crossrail arrives in 2018.


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    6 thoughts on “Boom time for new skyscrapers at Canary Wharf

    • I worked there for years. So many people. So little character.

      You’re welcome to it.

      • I was going to start writing about the need for more cultural activities but thought I’d keep this post focused. Something to cover in future

    • Canary Wharf too densely packed. I popped out for lunch there one weekday and I had went through the subterranean shopping mall and I can’t think of anywhere as busy and packed full of people. It was worse than any airport or rail station and made worse by the lack of day light. If you use Canary Wharf tube station at peak time you have to queue to enter and exit. I can only imagine how awful it must be if the Jubilee line is down.

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    • Thanks for this – found it after trying to find a combined map of all developments going up in Canary Wharf / Isle of Dogs. (As you mention, no map seems to exist.) I live opposite Canary Wharf in Rotherhithe. Landmark Pinnacle is going to be ridiculously tall (75 floors on their website). Newfoundland is huge and there’s still another 10 floors to go. Meanwhile very hard to pin down information about 10 Bank Street next to it – it’s a CW Group project but they don’t list it on their current developments.
      Skyline is changing fast.
      But who’s going to (be able to afford to) move into all these buildings?
      And after Grenfell, who’s accountable for their safety?


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