Plans to demolish Sun in the Sands pub in Blackheath

Plans have been submitted to demolish the Sun in the Sands pub in Blackheath. The building is located at the roundabout of the same name, with developers hoping to replace it with a block consisting of commercial space at street level and eight flats above.

The current pub is in a conservation zone, but the developers claim it’s in too poor a condition to remain.

The planned replacement is a bit of a dog. It looks very cheap; the sharp angles of that corner treatment, and the grey top floor? Not good.

The planning reference is 17/0977/F. Search here to comment.


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9 thoughts on “Plans to demolish Sun in the Sands pub in Blackheath

  • If something of a good quality was built there by all means why not? But it is a poor shabby design something I would expect to find in Plumstead or a “common” high street.

    • Because its a conservation area

    • Plumstead has some very nice buildings. It’s a shame that people are always putting down the local area. I’ve lived in Plumstead since 1983. I’ve seen many changes, but time brings about change. What is a “common” high street. Again sad!. The area is being Re-developed . You cannot please every one. Damn if you do and Damn if you don’t . You cant’win. At the end of the day . We are all going to the same place in the end.

  • It’s called the sun in the sands conservation area for a reason

  • Stop demolishing and start conserving so much of London is becoming obsolete, it’s not even necessary in this day an age.

  • Why can’t they just repair the original. All these blocks of flats being built everywhere… Lewisham looks dreadful now, no soul no character just concrete blocks of flats that none of the locals can afford to buy if that’s progress you can stick it

  • The proposal looks ugly, clumsy and cheap. And I guarantee, as someone who lives next door, no one wants a balcony to sit out on and look at the roundabout! The inevitable parking around the new pub etc will make pulling out of our driveway onto Shooters Hill Road, the traffic completely hidden by parked cars and vans, even more of a life-threatening gamble….

  • If they would rebuilt the pub in a design which looks more like the grand houses on Shooters Hill Road, then it could be an improvement for the area.

    Totally agree with the comments made above, with the roundabout and motorway so closeby, any balconies will never be used properly, besides storage of junk.


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