BBC Reporting Fail

Nick Raynsford and Greenwich Council leader Chris Roberts rolled up in Woolwich yesterday to formally announce the commencement of the Tesco funded development of 960 houses, built under the guise of Spenhill, the regeneration subsidiary of Tesco. Raynsford is no doubt very happy at the work for his construction industry buddys.

The BBC have actually covered this on their website. Unusual to cover things like that around South East London.

The report ended with this –
‘From 2018, when Crossrail is completed, Woolwich will be less than 30 minutes away from the West End, the City and Canary Wharf’.

As opposed to now, of course, when the West End, the City, and Canary Wharf are all within 30 minutes of Woolwich. I’ve seen similar printed many times. Hopeless.

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I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

    0 thoughts on “BBC Reporting Fail

    • I too read this on the BBC page – At the second paragraph it mentioned a supermarket – and I thought TESCO! We have passed through Woolwich but not stopped there for years. My dad used to work in The Royal Arsenal – I expect he is turning in his grave! He was a lorry driver there and when I was young he told me if anyone at my school asked what his job was I was to say ‘Civil Servant’ – which he was – but in later years it reminded me of a Quentin Crisp quote. He often spoke of all the wonderful buildings within the Arsenal land and their historic importance. Now Woolwich will be yet another town known primarily for its massive Tesco store.

    • Well don Nick and Chris. Instrumental I’m sure, credit where credit is due.

      the new library is great though, I have to say. A definite win. wonder what will happen with the old buildings..

      still can’t get over the the size of the apt block that will be built however. end of the post office there it seems. no more red brick building. out with the old, in with the shiney…..

    • a small moan here, but if our Councillors are responsible for bringing all this investment into Woolwich, how about a road bridge linking north and south woolwich. I’m not asking for the Golden Gate Bridge or anything. But surely If the Chinese can build a road that is 25 odd miles over water why can’t we have one that is less than 1 mile.

    • I’ve heard from others the new library is great. The old one was really tired and so small. I heard a couple of years ago a brewery were looking into a pub there. I can’t see that happening though it’s out of the way and the pub trade isn’t in the best of health generally.

      I don’t really have a problem with tall buildings in the development providing the exact location is right and they are elegant. The proposal appears too top heavy and bulky, and being close to the square could cast much of it in shadow. Not sure about the materials either. I need to see some new renders as the ones so far don’t impress at all.

      A Roe – You should definitely go and visit the Royal Arsenal if you haven’t. Much of the buildings have been restored brilliantly, and the streets, park, and pub there are very nice.

    • Collo the best we can hope for is a new ferry I fear. Completely inadequate I know. I wrote a post a while ago on the need for a new high level bridge at Thamesmead. With a new cruise terminal being built at North Greenwich and more big ships going to Canary Wharf there needs to be big clearances for ships. To be fair Greenwich have been pushing hard for a bridge at Thamesmead. It was Bexley Council who lobbied hard against it, and Boris then scrapped it, advised by his then deputy, who before was the leader of Bexley Council, who was subsequently done for fraud and sacked.


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