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A Walk Around Deptford

Some pics from a couple of recent walks around Deptford now, where quite a lot is going on.

The flats along Resolution Way seem pretty finished externally. Cheap grey panels are the order of the day. God knows why. Grey, grey, grey. There’s too much of it in new builds. You would have thought the glorious history of exposed concrete would have led the developers to think twice before sticking dreary grey all over their buildings, but no. It resembles a warship berthed up next to the station. Yes, it also has yellow, which doesn’t exactly match the grey. It’s the colour cheme of an early 90s sweatshirt. Here it is –

I do like the curved ends to the block though.

The new Tidemill School has gold panels appearing along it’s facade. Hard to make a judgement about it yet. The frame is all that is mainly standing so far. This is a pretty poor picture taken on a phone peering over a wall from resolution way.

There’s far better pics here at the great Deptford dame blog showing the other side of the school.

And shocking stuff. Two men in hi viz jackets spotted coming out of the station yard. Will the rebuild finally begin after endless timetable failures? Come back in a years time for the next exciting update consisting of a skip turning up and a bit of sweeping.

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  1. Very droll…and perhaps frighteningly, quite realistic!

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