New entrance to London Bridge station scrapped as development blocked

Transport for London’s latest report states that plans for a new entrance to London Bridge station have been scrapped after a development was blocked.

New City Court was a proposed tower off Borough High Street. After years of wrangling it was rejected in September.

Current site overview. Buildings in blue were proposed for demolition

I had completely missed that announcement until the latest TfL report before a meeting to be held this week which states: “The developer will not be proceeding with the scheme and therefore all our further engagement will cease other than to allow the project to be closed”.

During consultation the developer noted: “We have worked with TfL and stakeholders to create a brand-new entrance to the tube station that will greatly enhance capacity and provide new routes to relieve the strain on current pavements to St Thomas Street and Borough High Street.

“We will provide a new exit directly onto the New City Court public square. Meaning that users can now emerge and immediately continue their journeys east or south/east through the historic yards and relieve pressure on Borough High Street.”


Plans for the site were submitted to Southwark Council in 2018. Revised plans then went in during 2021 with the decision reaching Michael Gove this year.

It would have seen the removal of a pretty nasty 1980s building. Part of the site would have seen a tower around the same height as nearby Guy’s Hospital in the 2018 design and someway below the Shard.

Tower on right blocked. Courtesy AHMM

That was then reduced to 100 metres with 11 storeys removed. A public terrace on floor 24 was proposed. A number of historic buildings would have been located close to the tower.

It can’t be said that the revision was a success. Reducing the height made it squat and graceless.

This rejection follows a number of tall buildings approved nearby.

Building nearby coming in front of St Olaf House

That includes a replacement on Tooley Street which isn’t the most respectful of a fine building.

St Olaf House. New building will be built in front

St Olaf House is Grade II listed. A new block will overshadow the site yet that was approved in 2022.

Anyway, now they’ll be no new station entrance on the other side of the station near Borough High Street.



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