Superloop express bus from Bromley to Thamesmead consultation now open

Consultation has begun today on a new express bus route running between Thamesmead and Bromley via Abbey Wood’s Elizabeth line station.

Upon departing Thamesmead, Route SL3 would pass through Abbey Wood, Bexleyheath, Sidcup and Bickley before reaching Bromley.

Proposed stops

Crucially it would run in addition to the 301 bus route which it mirrors between Thamesmead and Bexleyheath and the 269 between Bexleyheath and Bromley. However it will serve far fewer stops.

This would make north Thamesmead to Abbey Wood journeys take as little as around 5-6 minutes.

Superloop map Elizabeth line SL3

There’s long been a somewhat exaggerated myth that Thamesmead is extremely remote. Far from true for parts of the town. In reality even the north of Thamesmead – furthest as the crow flies from Abbey Wood station – is currently 10 minutes from Abbey Wood on a bus, though they can be extremely busy.

Cutting that to five minutes offers faster links than many areas with supposedly far better transport options. It should also open up areas for housebuilding such as vast retail parks in Thamesmead, rather than waiting 20 years for a DLR extension which may or may not ever happen (with the emphasis on the latter).

301 at Abbey Wood. SL3 runs alongside with fewer stops and faster journeys

Benefits abound for many and not only those in Thamesmead. A wide area will now have quick and direct links to Queen Mary’s Hospital in Sidcup. Major areas of employment such as Bromley will be accessible for many more people. Huge numbers will benefit – and with the Hoppa fare that opens up greater benefits.

Buses would run every 12 minutes between Monday to Saturday during the day and every 15 minutes on evenings and Sundays. With the 301 and 269 still running, that greatly increases frequency in parts of south east London.

Route SL3 will offer quick links to Abbey Wood station with Elizabeth line, Southeastern and Thameslink services

Just yesterday this site covered how bus use has doubled in Abbey Wood since the advent of the Elizabeth line. That will surely grow even more now express options to Abbey Wood station are in place.

Click here to view consultation details and comment.

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6 thoughts on “Superloop express bus from Bromley to Thamesmead consultation now open

  • I imagine one issue for people using it to commute into London is the need to pay a separate bus fare as well as the train fare – since Oyster/contactless doesn’t allow for single fares for a journey that uses both bus and train. That really needs to be addressed for the new route to become really useful in opening up Thamesmead for travel into London. I also wonder how reliable the bus will be, especially Northbound from Abbey Wood, since it will have travelled along some very congested roads all the way from Bromley. Still overall very good news though.

  • This looks very promising. Limited stops also helps with bypassing congestion in one area such as between Abbey Wood and Bexleyheath. Drivers can exit normal line of route with no stops between to serve.

    We’ve seen just how popular Abbey Wood’s improvements have been (take note SouthEastern!) for both rail and bus use. This will surely put an even bigger rocket boost behind it. A shame Westminster cannot or will not see what is possible with all their cuts.

  • Simon – Yep that is unfair on people in Thamesmead who in effect pay twice. Still, huge numbers are having to do it and have for years so at least this bolsters capacity and saves them time.

    Many European cities permit a bus trip then rail/metro change for the same cost but in London I’d imagine its a minefield with fragmented DfT-run rail to also consider (the DfT would need to agree – no chance?) and that’s before TfL’s budget issues and constraints.

  • We need express bus routes around the heavily congested South Circulat including route 122. We also need express bus routes to and from Central London (,City and West End). Using the bus is much cheaper than the train for people on low incomes.

  • I agree with Simon and John. They need to implement a system where people who need to use a bus to get to a train or an underground station should not have to pay twice.


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