Woolwich restaurant has license reviewed after two women seriously assaulted

A restaurant in Woolwich is to have its license reviewed after a number of reported incidents.

The premises concerned is Palm Beach on Woolwich High Street opposite the Waterfront.

One incident during the early morning of 18th May 2022. A report states the site saw “the physical and sexual assault of two females, and the premises remaining open almost five hours after it should have closed. There are also statutory noise nuisance issues.”

There were previous concerns regarding abiding by Covid restrictions in 2020 and noise complaints. The rear of the premises faces Mortgramit Square which police state was used by some to enter and exit the premises via the kitchen.

Mortgramit Sq alley

Police and operators have failed to agree on additional licensing measures with Greenwich councillors now set to make a decision.


Police sought 25 conditions to the premises licence. The owners state:

“We have installed a high-quality CCTV system which will provide real time and recorded footage for any evidential requirements you may want in future.

We have gone ahead and done this immediately, without waiting any further, because we sensed at the time we met in your office, that this was at the top of the priority list of things you would want us to do.”

They continue:

“We are also now using the services of SIA registered personnel at our busy times. As this is a restaurant (and not an extensive operation and rarely involves big numbers of people every business day), we strongly believe that we deserve a chance to prove the new arrangements are massive improvements, whilst maintaining the way the business has been run.”

They did not agree to some of the 25 conditions. Greenwich cllrs are to be supplied with bodyworn footage and council CCTV footage to assist. A decision will be made on 28th September.


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2 thoughts on “Woolwich restaurant has license reviewed after two women seriously assaulted

  • The owners only have themselves to blame. They have a responsibility and duty of care to their customers. I hope the two women are recovering and go on to make a full recovery both physically and emotionally. Leading up to the local elections Greenwich Council promised to take action to make sure women are safe in the Borough. Let’s see what happens and if any changes to better protect women.

  • @ Kay well said. The owners deserve to lose their licence and have failed their customers when it comes to duty of care..


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