Blackwall tunnel closed as flooding hits numerous areas

Heavy rain over the past hour has flooded a number of areas including the Blackwall Tunnel which is closed northbound.

Southbound was already closed for maintenance work.

Courtesy Melissa Fenech. Shortly before closure

Flooding has also hit the Bugsby’s Way where it passes underneath the Angerstein railway line.

Other areas have flooded including Woolwich Church Street.


UPDATE: North Greenwich Underground station has also closed due to flooding alongside Surrey Quays station.

Police have now closed access to the A102 at Sun in the Sands roundabout in Blackheath.

Courtesy TfL

The London Fire Brigade has taken more than 300 calls.

Main image courtesy Lou Rose.

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5 thoughts on “Blackwall tunnel closed as flooding hits numerous areas

  • The Local Authorities and TFL responsible for the upkeep of roads in the Greater London area need to get out and clean the drains much more often as they get blocked easily and rain water simply just cannot run away fast enough.

    The drain by my house was been moved around the corner after about 70 years when they were altering speed humps in my road now the junction close to my house gets flooded everytime we have heavy rain.

  • New builds rarely seem to have sufficient drains in new road layouts. Road flooding increasingly a problem with poor maintenance as u say, and will be more so with climate change as UK making little preparation for it. Boris too busy going on expensive holidays in crises and spending all our money for his and Matt’s cronies to profit fom NHS contracts, half of which haven’t been utilised or haven’t been up to medical standards.
    Best get yer waders on John, if you’re reporting on this you’re in for a busy night mate.

  • @ Derek Small. Totally agree with you new roads and new developments do not have sufficient drainage and coupled with poor maintenance of existing drains floodingof roads will become a regular occurrence when we have heavy and torrential rain.

    Drains do need to be cleaned and maintained on a much more regular basis to avoid them getting blocked and causing flooding like we have seen over the last couple of weeks.

  • What is in the water on the left of the Bugsby’s Way photo? Looks like a sea monster coming to get the car!

  • Another reason why we need another tunnel. C’mon, get that Silvertown Tunnel open!


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