Khan beats Bailey in Greenwich and Lewisham Mayoral vote

Sadiq Khan has comprehensively beaten Shaun Bailey in first preference votes cast for London Mayor in Lewisham and Greenwich.

The results were:

Khan (Labour): 76,731

Bailey (Conservative): 43,306

Berry (Green): 16,322

This compares to the last election in 2016:

Khan: 84507

Goldsmith: 39141

Berry: 12452

Labour’s vote fell since then, the Tories have increased as did the Greens.

The Greens did better in the constituency vote and pushed the Tories pretty close coming within five per cent.

Bexley and Bromley

These results highlight the difference between Greenwich Lewisham compared to Bexley and Bromley where Bailey won heavily.

Across London more results are expected in coming hours with Khan holding a five per cent lead on first preference votes. He appears some way short of 50 per cent majority needed to win, so second preferences will then be taken into consideration until one candidate reaches a majority above 50 per cent.



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8 thoughts on “Khan beats Bailey in Greenwich and Lewisham Mayoral vote

  • Some crumb of comfort in Greenwich/Lewisham here, with Greens within 5% of Tories in constituency vote (though you don’t show figures?) and the worry for Khan not the Tories here as much as the Greens in the future, with a young population, many being professionals, and reflecting the concern over pollution and environmental issues (Khan being a supporter of Silvertown tunnel after backtracking on promise of a review, pleasingly lost him votes!). In the Mayoral vote he lost 10% and Tories gained 10%, probably a vaccine bounce as they say, but the Greens were up 30%!! That’s the real story here for the future. Come on Khan, think about Londoners, we don’t want another tunnel for HGV’s coming through and demolishing our trees, the construction alone is a massive hit to the objectives of zero emissions here, concrete/steel/rubble and also a hit to peoples pockets straight into the arms of private funder’s for years ahead by way of a toll for first time ever here, instead of just restricting tunnel usage at peak times or even maybe tolling at peak times only (heavily). That may force commuters back onto trains etc. It needs radical thought not private finance of things taxpayer wouldn’t provide, thought they’d learn from experience with private finance initiatives for hospitals in the past.

  • Now Khan as been re-elected as the Mayor of London in the Silvertown Tunnel is here to stay. Work is underway on the site and won’t be cancelled as to do this now would be a great waste of public money.With huge amounts of public money already spent on the project.

    Khan will also not admit he made a huge mistake with granting planning permission for the Silvertown Tunnel project to go ahead. Which was backed by Danny Thorpe Leader of Greenwich Council at the time although Lewisham, Newham and other East London Council Leasers were against the Tunnel

    I do not want the Silvertown Tunnel as traffic congestion and pollution in particular will increase way above acceptable levels and more and more people will suffer from respiratory health conditions like asthma COPD and other lung conditions.

  • *** other Council Leaders ***

  • Chris ‘ Failing ‘ Grayling backed the Silvertown tunnel, despite pollution concerns, as did Grant Shapps.

  • Who proposed it in the first place I wonder? ….. let’s see …

    “ 15.10.2014

    A public consultation on plans for a road under the River Thames – known as Silvertown Tunnel – has been launched by Transport for London (TfL) and the Mayor of London today (October 15).

    Boris Johnson, the London Mayor, has reaffirmed his commitment to plans to construct the Silvertown Tunnel and two further East London river crossings at Gallions Reach and Belvedere – despite opposition from local air quality campaigners who say the developments will increase traffic congestion in the area.”

  • Last, but not least …

    Bailey also supported it.

    “ A stream of misinformation has continued to emanate from Bailey and his campaign.

    His policy for cleaner air – despite approving the Silvertown Tunnel which will increase traffic across Greenwich borough according to TfL themselves – is to convert London buses to electric by 2025 using revenues from ULEZ to replace old buses with zero-emission buses.”

    Source: From the murky depths
    Shaun Bailey releases manifesto for London Mayor: A look at his plans
    April 19, 2021

  • TFL need to put new electric buses on route 122 Plumstead Garage to Crystal Palace along the very busy and polluted Westhorne Avenue.(South Circular) and route 108 Lewisham Station to Stratford International Station via Blackwall Tunnel.

  • I agree as both bus routes 108 and 122 serve areas and roads that already suffer from high levels of pollution.

    However, some good news is that routes 132 160 180 and school route 660 are to receive new electric buses by the end of this year.


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