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Greenwich and Lewisham schools WILL now stay closed next week

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The shambles on school openings continues tonight as news that schools in Greenwich and Lewisham boroughs would open next week has been reversed.

The news follows a letter sent from a number of council leaders to Education Secretary Gavin Williamson and the Department for Education.

The decision of just which boroughs would see schools close and which open never made any sense, with case levels not matching plans to open.

Just today both boroughs have risen above 800 cases per 100k – which is some way above boroughs that were to remain closed.

It leaves teachers and parents in a real mess.


  1. YS

    For the avoidance of any further confusion…
    “Vulnerable pupils and the children of key workers will continue to attend school, the government said.
    Early years care, alternative provision and special schools will remain open, it added.”

  2. Graham

    Thank you YS. My concern would be vulnerable children who attend pecial schools with underlying medical conditions and disabilities are far more likely to suffer complications from Covid-19 if they are unfortunate enough to get covid.

    Childfren can also pass the virus to parents siblings carers, teachers and support staff.

  3. Graham

    ** Special schools I meant **

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