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Greenwich pub Richard 1 to see renovation

The Richard 1 pub in Greenwich (or Tolly if you remember that far back) is to be renovated by operator Young’s.

Out go the hanging baskets and the colour scheme including white on upper floors and a predominantly blue colour scheme at street level. Raised planters are seen in renders of the finished scheme.

Current view

Work inside will comprise of “a minor refurbishment of the internal & external areas. Internally, this will include repairs to the existing altro and timber flooring where required, sanding, re-staining and re-sealing the existing timber flooring throughout, alterations to existing modern joinery throughout, and a general redecoration”.

Over in Charlton and it’s sad news as the White Swan has been closed at short notice. It looks permanent. Again, high rents appear to play a part.

Click here to view plans for Richard 1.


  1. Those benches need consigning to the skip.

  2. Graham

    Agreed. With regard to the White Swan in Charlton i think the owners will possibly apply to redveloped the building. I have always said Charlton Village could do with a pub/restaurant similar to the Toby Carvery for example. I know the owners are trying to build a property behind the White Swan.

  3. EthicsGradient

    The Richard I was my local for many years; it was a great local community pub. When Young’s took over and refurbished the place it lost much of its character, and became a ‘restaurant’ in all but name. The aesthetic of this latest makeover rather smells of it going further that way: all very ‘Modern European Dining’. I expect you’ll need a reservation to drink there in future…

    Prefer the Greenwich Union next door these days: far better atmosphere, great locally produced beer, and fewer grandiose family groups engorging themselves.

  4. CDT

    To be honest I think it is the income received from food which is helping to keep a lot of local pubs in business.

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