Moped riders “threaten people with hammers” in Woolwich Royal Arsenal site

Police are on scene at the Royal Arsenal site in Woolwich after people on mopeds were reported to have threatened a number of people with weapons.

Two men were seen on a moped attempting the attacks. Motivation for the attacks is not yet known. Others report the moped being driven at people with one member of the public attempting to hit them.

If anyone saw anything – and it was busy at the time – call police on 101 or 999 if urgent.


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J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

27 thoughts on “Moped riders “threaten people with hammers” in Woolwich Royal Arsenal site

  • Low life Scam , We Could Do with Guardian Angle , Patrols , Lack Of Police .

  • You can’t stop Woolwich from being a shithole no matter how much those new development properties cost. I wouldn’t live there if you paid me and fortunately I don’t have to.

      • Vulgar abuse. That will get me to change my mind.

        • very articulate of you. where do you live?

  • The council should be installing more cameras, especially as mopeds tend to speed by following the 54/380 bus routes..
    A quick patrol through the estates in a 1mile radius of Woolwich Arsenal Station would give an idea of where these mopeds originate from..
    I’ve lived in the area a few long years now and have seen it go so far down hill…
    Where once neighbours used to be polite to each other you now have to contend with this kind of incident.. And all the little gas cilinders that litter the streets, the boys with purses (leather shoulder bags like what girls would normally wear).. I don’t know if that’s the fashion nowadays or “commerce” of some kind… Kids seating on dirty stairways, leaving crisp packets and chicken bones all over the staircases only to realise that they don’t even live in the building and the flies and rats this attracts… you can’t even open a window when it’s hot.
    Not enough council-run buildings have enough security anyways so when the criminals are running from police they have good places to hide..
    All those courtyards stuck in between buildings, all those street-accessible stairwells in the middle of the night, that’s where police should be looking, now that the have stop and search permission in the Borough again..
    Then there’s the families with at least 3 or more children, it’s easy to see why some think the welfare system is abused, all your life you pay tax, clean your doorway, take your rubbish out when the trashman comes, and even recycle, only to find your neighbour’s four kids leaving rubbish on the pavement/public areas, attracting pests..
    The neighbour doesn’t appear to want to teach the kids manners or any kind of pride where they live..
    The fact that the area is like this, it’s the responsibility of every resident, but with neighbours such as these, you’re best just keeping your own doorway clean and ignore the flies on the staircase, as eventually the sheer amount of flies stops the kids loitering.. it’s a loosing battle even trying to even ask them why they would sit on stairs covered with dry urine and old chicken bones..
    Just because we are working class doesn’t mean we have to keep the place like a pigsty, but sadly so many are happy living like this, they’ve resigned themselves to a mediocre life and have given up…
    And yet if residents were considerate of each other, if they all cared about the many kids they brought into that world, they could run homework clubs for the kids, ucas prep, careers advice, with some contacts in various professions to show the kids what their future could be like, with police visiting, keeping an eye out for gangs or extremism, for creating a better relationship between youngsters and the old bill, all with the aim to teach the kids valuable skills and habits to get out of this depressing mindset, but if the parents are on the dole and happy to be, then the kids have no aspirations to better their futures, its just a waste of the kids future, which their own parents couldn’t give a rat’s tail about, hence the mopeds with hammers and the little glass cilinders that litter the street.

    • ‘like what girls would normally wear’ – you’d create a much better atmosphere for people to live in if you weren’t forcing gender norms on people in 2019.

      People can wear what they want! May I suggest you wear a bell so we snowflakes can avoid you and your prejudice ways?

      • Really? Not this sjw marxist rubbish!

        I’m for people having the right to wear what they want (there are some exceptions in my opinion), but people also have the right to have views and opinions.
        No wondder that western society & culture is falling apart with loopy ideologies – like the guys who identifies as a woman and is sueing the beauty parlour who refuse to wax his ‘bits’
        The poster was forcing anything, just airing his views! Infact it’s people like you are te real intolerant ones against people who don’t share your particular opinions.
        I think it was Christopher Hitchens who said ‘Politcal correctness if fascism with manners’ or something to that effect.

        And yes Woolwich is a dump. I grew up there and it’s gone downhill so much, no amount of money will be able to fix it due to a core section of people will always bring it down.

        • Sorry – typo! It should have said ‘the poster WASN’T forcing anything!

          • I wasn’t criticising the style, merely painting a picture of what the boys were wearing.. the comment was already long and I thought the size and type seen resembles what girls sometimes wear..
            What I have seen some kids do is to take it in turns wearing the bag, hence mentioning “commerce” because the point I was making is that sadly, it seems as though kids are being used to sell things small enough to fit in said bags..
            Its a shame that everything else I had mentioned did not ring any bells and it took the mere description of a bag to ask me to wear a bell instead 🙂
            I don’t like to call anyone names, much less use the term snowflake as I find that names and farm animal analogies attempt to detract from the issue, that young people in the Borough are being let down, parents and the council are not investing in the kids futures.
            I don’t know the answer, I’m just sad to see what Woolwich has become.. It has never been Kensington High Street, – though it had an M&S once 🙂 – Woolwich was just a bit “rough around the edges” but now is just rough and sad. .

        • Western Society and Culture are falling apart? Give me a break. They’re building an art centre in the area for one thing love.

          Marxist? yeah, sure OK.

          And gender and trans issues are ‘loopy ideologies’? Come on, there are records of trans people existing 4500 years ago and they have a rich history embedded in every nation if you actually bothered to do research. To dismiss them as such, while quoting tabloid stories of individuals is greatly offensive to the wider community. They didnt all get together last week and decide ‘Let’s freak straight people out by swapping bags’

          No one is forcing any views on you. If you had conflicting views then that’s fine, you’re allowed to have them but we don’t necessarily have to hear about them.

          I’ve said nothing of being PC. I just don’t think if you hold such beliefs about how someone lives or presents themselves you should force them on others. The only person you should be worried about is yourself.

          And please dont quote Christoper Hitchens at me. If I want to be lectured by a right wing conservative Christian I will go back to Catholic school.

          I’m glad I’ve realised that it’s moped scooters and gender bending handbag wearers who are destroying the Arsenal. Got it!

          It’s not people who shout ‘Marxism!’, ‘Loopy!’ and such because they don’t understand something and have no compassion or foresight to see institutionalised oppression.

          • The argument that because something existed many years ago doesn’t mean it’s ok – I actually don’t care how people want to be identified or dress, just don’t force everyone to agree to it which is exactly what’s starting to happen (ie see Jordan Peterson), the waxing case etc
            I’m quite libertarian about it, but what’s happening now, it’s being used as a political weapon.

            Christopher Hitchens wasn’t a right-wing Christian – He was a hardcore anti-theist! 😉

          • No one is forcing you to agree with it. As I said.

            I just dont want to hear your Daily Mail ideals against it.

            One article/case does not make a case for every single trans issue.

            And how about don’t quote anybody to anybody, this isn’t your GCSE Politics coursework. Have an independent thought. Dont regurgitate other people’s.

            You can read, but can you apply it?

          • Like I said, it is becoming more and more forced and reasonable debate/criticism is being shut down (not just on trans issue but many other topics).

            I can quote who I like thank you very much if I think it’s good quote.
            The example I quoted was one that popped into my head – There are plenty more (trans-women athletes is a current topic)!

            It’s very prejudicial of you to assume that I read the Daily Mail – I don’t!

          • I’m sorry you feel that way. I’d be happy to have a face to face debate with you about this.

            I didnt mean to assume you read the Daily Mail but on reflection surely you can see why I thought that.

            There are many issues being faced by a lot of people and the press really doesnt help the situation.

          • No problem Matt!
            I’m no fan of the mainstream press/media either(left or right)!
            It just riles me when movements that start off with the right intentions are taken over by ‘some’ for their own agenda’s that are not so pure as they show on the face of it ie BLM, Antifa, Stand-up to Racism etc, and in turn cause more harm and damage to the cause.

            Anyway, i’ll leave the discuss on a more positive note and agree to disagree.

  • Mopeds are driven up and down the Thames path adjacent to Erebus drive daily. There needs to be a barrier there desperately.

    • Bang on Lee. I phoned the police daily about this 2 summers ago. Nowt was done. Nowt can be done. Barriers are essential – write to the council about it.

      Parts of Woolwich are a dump. But the parts next to the river are bloody lovely. Sane can be said for Greenwich. Many more lovely parts. But a few of dump-like estates within 5 minutes walk from the Cutty Sark.

  • Sadly Woolwich and in fact the Borough of Greenwich has been aloud to go down hill for years now. The new developments are nice but until the other issues of anti social behaviour and crime etc have been tackled the area will not improve.

    We need more training and employment schemes for 18 to 30 year olds in construction trades, administration, IT skills etc so the train for carers and give themselves a future away from crime.

    The Royal Arsenal estate is poorly lit. The lighting on the estate installed by developers needs to be replaced with the Boroughs new brighter LED lighting units now being installed in the Borough.

    Council housing needs security and the whole Borough needs more CCTV systems installed and monitored by Met Police staff to make sure all incidents are properly monitored and recorded. So the CCTV is available when requested and with out any unnecesary delays.

    It is a real shame to see how Woolwich has declined over the years.

    • You make some valid suggestions, but imo you are only dealing with the secodary problem with secuirty/crime/anti-social behaviour.
      I’d say 100% of these trouble-makers have been causing trouble way before they reach 18, their parent(s) are not fit to raise a child, the sense of entitlement etc etc.
      I’m also sick of austerity being used as excuse for anti-social behaviour/crime. Yes more money needs to be spent on police and infrastructure, but being poor doesn’t mean that it makes people smash up bus stops, petty vandalism, cause harrassment to passer by etc.

      My parents immigrated here 40+ years ago, i was born here, we were broke living from one pay day to another.
      My parents instilled certain values in us growing up – ie respect for elders, emphasis on education, work hard, earn a honest living, learn the value of money etc.
      Now my parents are doing quite well, own their own home (mortgage free), children gone to university and have half decent jobs.
      It’s about setting standards to aim and achieve!

      Unfortunately far too many parents are doing this and we are seeing the results…..

      • Another typo! Dodgy keyboard! :p
        Should read ‘Unfortunately far too many parents are NOT doing this…..’

  • Hi – my wife and I were the people the moped riders attacked – happy to describe what happened if you want to do an update or follow up.

    • Sorry to hear the about your attack!
      I’d be interested to know what happened!

    • A post on a RA FB page from a resident who attended a Woolwich Riverside Neighbourhood Watch/SNT meeting this evening.
      “l have been to the SNT meeting today and asked about that and the police have stated this has been totally exaggerated and is untrue and only 1 incident occurred about this and it was something minor! So in other words this is incorrect information and is untrue”

      Huge disparity in the events reported and commented on, and what this resident was told/posted.

  • In the Royal Arsenal, Marlborough Road and Hopton Road, by the riverside on the benches under the trees .. Always youth drinking alcohol, smoking pot ,playing loud music and yelling. I heard a neighbour was almost mugged by two individuals a few weeks ago while sitting on the grass. Mopeds being driven through the cycle path. If police want to catch these undesirables behaving anti sociably they know where to find them. Enough said

    • Indeed, i think many people know where these groups congregate.
      The question is, do the public engage with the local police and feed this information/intelligence and put pressure on the police to act?
      The fact is we as the public have to play our part too.
      I think more neighbourhood watch or local groups need to be active and use pressure groups to put pressure on the police, as they are unlikely to listen to an individual who may come across as a nosey, moaning busy body.

  • Odd. I know 2 people who saw it. There’s multiple accounts from reliable people on the Royal Arsenal FB page. Are they all lying? They don’t seem prone to hyperbole.


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