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Woolwich’s next towers rise on the old Waterfront car park

New towers rise in Woolwich on former Waterfront car park site

Berkeley Homes’ next towers at the Royal Arsenal site in Woolwich are now making themselves widely visible as concrete cores sprout up.

Three towers recently completed just east of this site before work started in earnest on Waterfront Leisure Centre’s former car park.

Waterfront on left

The leisure centre itself has seen a planned move to General Gordon Square regularly delayed with a sharp fall in membership numbers.

Former car park

The tallest of the three recently finished towers can be seen below to the rear of this plot:

A number of towers will rise on the former Waterfront car park and eventually total around 22 floors in height.

Aerial view of planned towers

Some slight alterations to the external facade were recently submitted.

On land between both recently constructed blocks and the Waterfront car park plot will be a small park including a water feature running down towards the Thames.

Aerial plan

The first core topped out at 19 floors. The other currently rising, and seen below, will be slightly taller.

So there you go. Always change in Woolwich.

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  1. BW

    Do you know what happened to the Woolwich town centre consultation that ended a few months ago?

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