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New Greenwich music venue Magazine to open in September 2019

A new music and events venue named Magazine currently being built in Greenwich near the o2 is to open on 1st September.

The operators were originally hoping to hold a summer festival but that is now an unknown quantity. I guess it depends what criteria of summer you use.


I first covered plans last year and have followed progress since. I’ve been a bit surprised it hasn’t so far gained more attention given what it offers.

An outside space is coming alongside a new indoor venue offering acts and events the o2 does not offer. Being so close to the o2 appears to have led to some misunderstandings. It’s a separate company behind this venture.

The company behind the venture, Venue Lab, originally applied for 40 events a year but increased that to 200.

It joins an ever growing list of leisure activities in the area. The design district is also due to open this year, and the Cineworld in the o2 recently expanded to become the largest in London.


  1. CDT

    It is good news to get an opening date for the Magazine Music Venue. I am looking forward to the venue opening later this summer.

    This will be an excellent venue located close to the 02 Arena,, CineWorld and North Greenwich Station for the Jubilee Line. The area around North Greenwich will become extremely busy with thousands of people attending events at the Magazine.

    This will be a boost for the local economy in and around North Greenwich. I wish everyone at the Magazine great success for the future.

  2. Dan

    Not surprised it will not open until 1st September. Would be surprised actually if it made that date. Area still looks very unfinished.

    Does anyone know what the O2 has planned at its entrance. They are constructing an elevated garden area with steps which looks nice.

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