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Dartford, Greenwich

Dartford Tunnel closed due to power failure

15:15 UPDATE: Power has been restored and traffic is starting to flow. Traffic is slow moving back to near Junction 3.

Original: The Dartford Tunnel is closed anticlockwise through the Dartford Tunnel due to a power failure.

Traffic is building up back to Darenth with greater congestion into south east London. The Woolwich ferry appears to be running a trial service again but its sporadic.


If the Blackwall does get tailbacks then commence the Ikea arguments. Some will say everything is Ikea’s fault. Some saying it’s nothing to do with Ikea.

In reality issues such as this exacerbate underlying issues already present in the road network and wider planning in the area whereby retail stores, new homes and schools add to any existing issues and make a return to normality after any disruption a little slower.

These arguments are something that is going to crop up continually for a long time to come.

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