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Greenwich o2 owner plans outside bar and restaurant beside Thames

Exterior areas currently fenced off

Owners of the o2 in Greenwich have submitted plans for an external bar/cafe/restaurant to the north of the dome.

It’s a logical move from AEG given the fantastic views over the Canary Wharf and down river. The site currently turns its back to the Thames.

The dome has eight foot wire meshes around it across the top of the Peninsula separating it from the Thames riverside path.

According to the planning statement:

“The proposal is to create a space with flexible seating and dining which can change and evolve with seasonal changes throughout the year.

Open areas will allow for pop up seating and food stands. All fixtures will be on wheels or have a means to allow them to be moved. The area is demised through screening and living walls.

The space will be used in conjunction with a physical unit inside of The O2 which already has consent as part of Phase 2 of the Entertainment District.”

Click here to see plans.

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  1. How long has it taken them to work this out – despite constant comments and suggestions at every chance. Or have they only just discovered the river is there?? Long, long, long ago when they were still only an idea I went to a presentation ahout what they thought they would do there – or rather what ‘the most wonderful human being in the world’ (exact quote that) was going to do. We asked ‘how will you relate to the river and use the facilities, and the outlook’. ‘The River???” they said ‘the River?? What river??”

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