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Southeastern train stuck leaving passengers stranded for three hours – just yards from platform

A Southeastern train has ground to a halt with passengers left stuck on board for hours once again.

This time it’s at Victoria station yards from platforms, yet passengers have not been disembarked for three hours.

Southeastern are pleading for passengers not to leave of their own accord, but their processes for enabling passengers to leave appear lacking, to say the least. Continual messages have said help coming soon as hours passed.

Passengers also report little communication from the driver. Perhaps the power died as happened before.

You may remember passengers were left for up to four hours earlier this year at Lewisham as trains were left standing metres from Lewisham station as power went off and toilets were inaccessible. People ended up leaving trains.

In April passengers were stuck for four hours near Lewisham.

A report on the initial incident was recently released which criticised Southeastern processes on the day.




  1. Gabriel

    Hi ya! A little bit of an irony that this been your latest article – I want to share something and coincidental it’s about SouthEastern…

    As you know, I have been commenting sometimes regarding railway things, like Crossrail and Overground.

    If you go and check Google Maps (and I know you use it, see the added photos of street view) you notice that suddenly several south eastern railway routs (some going all the way to Ramsgate etc) have been added, like tube/DLR/tram lines! This implies TfL (same dark blue colour) has sized control or are due. Some other SE services (like the high speed or to certain Kent destinations) are not ‘listed’. This the developing which I told you, including the Thameslink ‘failure’ (they do not invest billions to have it failed)

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