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Another bus cut announced – the 492 this time

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After last weeks news of planned cuts to the 53 (amongst many other routes) and results of Crossrail-related bus changes in December (with some planned improvements axed) comes another more modest cut.

The 492 between Sidcup and Bluewater is being reduced from an already poor 30 minute interval to 31-34 minutes during peak times.

The 492 runs through many town centres, departing from Sidcup then heading to Bexley, Bexleyheath, Crayford, Dartford before terminating at Bluewater shopping centre.

30 minutes is hardly a turn up and go service as it is, so an extra 4 minute wait probably won’t change much but it’s another small chip away at service levels. Expect to see much more as the annual cut of £700 million from Government to TfL takes hold alongside fare freezes and stagnating passenger numbers.

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  1. Karen Durrant

    I used to take the 492 from dartford to sidcup and return, so many times they would turn the bus before the complete route and i would be left standing in freezing weather for an hour, the service sucks!! I got so sick of it that i eventually started cycling to work and back and it was much faster than waiting around a bus that never turned up a few times a week.

  2. Martin

    So TfL have lost their government budget and having cuts. But they are promoting people to walk and cycle. Sorry but shouldnt they be making peopke want to use public transport and bring money in! Who is making their decisions, not a very good manager if they are telling people to walk and cycle and loosing money.

  3. Keris Swaden

    So. Out of all the buses you decide to cut the most unreliable one there is. The only one that goes down north cray road and other places. That has left people stranded in -1 degrees because they decided to skip one out. Would love to see one of you actually go and experience this bus in freezing temperatures. Oh wait you won’t cause your all warm in your offices being paid enough to afford a car. Which means an hour wait to now increase that time! Cut down the times on the buses that run every 7-11 minutes for goodness sake

  4. CDT

    Route 492 Sidcup to Bluewwater should be increased to every 20 minutes (three buses every hour) to maintain an improved frequent level of service over the whole route.

    I read somewhere that route 428 Erith to Bluewater is being cut back to operate between Erith and Crayford. But this has not been confirmed yet.

    • Keris Swaden

      100% absolute joke. I’ve been waiting an hour for a 492 because they decided to cancel one. Yet every other bus in Sidcup has had at least 2-4 go past probably more 🙄

      • Karen Durrant

        yes this is what i said, they turn the buse 492 around if its running late and then you wait an hour in sidcup for that damn bus

  5. Ms Morgan

    It is insane that they are spending nearly 7 million on roadworks to add bus lanes near Bluewater and yet cutting the bus routes. They should have spent the money on subsidising the busses instead.

  6. CDT

    The cuts to route 428 which currently operates between Erith to Bluewater via Crayford Dartford and Darent Valley Hospital have been confirmed on the London BUs website.

    Route 428 will only operate between Erith and Cayford from January 2019. No longer serving Dartford, Darent Valley Hospital or Bluewater.

    This is also a bus service being cut from serving Darent Valley Hospital at a time TFL were supposed to be looking in to how to improve bus services to Hospitals.

    I totally 100% agree with Ms Morgan’s comments. .

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