Drive-through planned at Charlton Asda for Just Eat, Deliveroo & Uber Eats

Plans have been drawn up for a drive-through point in Charlton to be used by Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

Asda car park would be the site of the drive through adding to a McDonalds nearby.

Alongside the drive-through would be an indoor pick-up point with 54 seats. The area sees poor design for pedestrians.

Pedestrian walking in road as no paving

Collected food may well be made at a “dark kitchen” on a Charlton industrial estate then sent to the unit.

It does feel we’ve entered a bizarre alternate universe when “restaurant” food is now no longer made in a restaurant when ordered, and perhaps eaten in an anonymous space which belongs to no particular establishment.

Public realm at Bugsbys Way

As I covered last August, Deliveroo submitted a plan for a “dark kitchen” in Charlton.

The car-centric nature of the site where this is planned is so extreme that pedestrians lack even a paved surface to walk on.

Unit planned on left. Desire lines evident and no paving.

Retail sheds originally appeared in Charlton back in the 1980s thanks to government policy. However since then, Greenwich Council have encouraged ongoing expansion and recent additions were encouraged through area masterplans.

Despite this, very few improvements for those on foot have been made.

Click here to view details.


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    12 thoughts on “Drive-through planned at Charlton Asda for Just Eat, Deliveroo & Uber Eats

    • And of course they’ve made driving there more difficult as well — which is a bit odd really.

    • The new bus & cycle lanes have caused a massive increase in traffic jams, this is not an area that can compete. By the time you have sat in the traffic you could be in Bluewater with large car parks & proper sit down restaurants.

    • Is it actually what you’ve described? I’ve had a look at the plans and the details describe it as a restaurant incorporating a drive through and the plans make it look like a normal KFC drive through restaurant

    • I agree, he’s read the planning application (not mentioned in the article) too quickly and come to the wrong conclusion. Euro Garages (who own Asda) have a link up with KFC, also they bought Leon and are seeking to expand it, it’ll be one or the other.

    • It’s been heavily congested long before recent changes – with the other car park taking an hour to leave on occasion for years.

    • Look at the screengrab and the Design and Access Statement. It specifically states “delivery aggregator” which is not a single restaurant, and is the Deliveroo, Just Eat etc model which they also mention.

    • Take a look at the D&A Statement. It doesn’t mention one occupant but use by “delivery aggregators”. It seems a bizarre concept but they have specifically mentioned it and all other drive-through apps for single restaurant use I’ve ever seen are worded as such which this isn’t.

    • The post also links to the application at the end which I always do.

    • the reference to delivery aggregators is just to explain where in the restaurant they will collect from, it doesn;t mean a different concept, either KFC or Leon.

      • Leon are expanding their drive-throughs so could be them though why theyd not state the restaurant I’m not sure. Every other app I’ve seen for a wide range of driver thorughs (including a bank plan opposite now dropped) mentions a brand.

        It could be new owners testing the waters and then revising later


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