Police “given run around” as fireworks fired into Woolwich crowds and shops

The annual tradition of groups firing fireworks at members of the public and into shops has begun in Woolwich.

A minimal police presence was seen haplessly running around and outnumbered.

Each year this happens and damages trade in Woolwich.

Last year it happened in various shops and it’s started again again this week, while people waiting for buses at General Gordon Square were also targeted.


There was some pretty grim footage last year of the public having fireworks lit in their faces

For all the regeneration and millions spent, would it not be better to get to grips with things on the ground?

Authorities in Woolwich still seem unable to, and so many people will continue giving the town a wide berth.


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2 thoughts on “Police “given run around” as fireworks fired into Woolwich crowds and shops

  • What the hell is the matter with these people? Fireworks are dangerous and can cause severe life changing injuries to people. Fireworks should only be sold for organised displays if people are unable to use them safely in a safe environment.

  • Agreed. People are deliberately throwing explosives at other people, for no other possible reason than to cause harm, and yet the attitude seems to be “well kids will be kids” I don’t understand it. I don’t think fireworks should be sold to the general public, especially not in supermarkets.


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