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Flammable cladding to be removed from Woolwich block

A housing block named Union House in Woolwich is to have flammable ACM cladding removed.

This is the latest in a large list of blocks across Greenwich borough requiring work. The borough is in the top three authorities across the country for unsafe cladding.

Greenwich Square included ACM cladding

These applications are now coming in regularly though many are still outstanding leaving homeowners trapped in homes unable to move. Service charges have often increased to pay for 24/7 wardens to watch for fire.

To give an example of how many blocks need work, earlier this month I covered a block on Greenwich Peninsula.

Taken 2015. Buildings on right to see cladding removed

In May it was many homes in another part of the peninsula at Greenwich Milennium Village.

Work has been underway to remove cladding at homes on the former site of Greenwich hospital, as I looked at here.

Many more will need work undertaken.



  1. It is iniquitious that residents should have to bear the cost of wardens that would not be necessary had their building not be covered in a flammable material. Really is there to be no justice for residents who through no fault of their own, are now trapped in a potentially deadly building?

  2. CDT

    I could not agree with you more anonymous201481. Hopefully now Private Devleloprs, Private Landlords, Housing Associations and Local Authorities have learned the lession not to buy cheaper materials as it proves it cost more in the long run.

    Residents health and safety must be paramount at all times with out exception.

  3. CDT

    ** Developers **

  4. jack

    It’s not just an issue of cheaper materials – not all the cladding selected was due to cheaper costs. It’s a complete failure of the approach to fire regulations and building control, which is due to Governments hollowing both out over the previous decades.

    Better testing of products, better training for installers and better inspections is whats needed.

    Better fire protection as well as better hardware for firefighters and more of them wouldn’t be a bad idea!

  5. Kit

    As someone who is now trapped in a Woolwich flat that I can’t sell or feel safe living in, the mental distress is horrific. Costs of up to £70K have been mentioned to upgrade the cladding, but who has money like that? I worked so hard to get on the property ladder and now I feel panicked and anxious every waking moment of the day – and that’s during a pandemic! None of this is the residents fault and it’s destroying lives. I wish I’d stayed renting and never even seen this “dream home”.

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