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Greenwich borough

Police officer injured in Powis Street, Woolwich

A shoplifter is reported to have attacked a police officer today in Woolwich during an incident on Powis Street.

Rumours have spread of a man running around with a machete which is untrue. What is reported is a shoplifter tried to evade arrest and injured an officer.

The area is well covered by CCTV. In addition, anyone with information can call 101.


  1. CDT

    I hope the Police Officer is okay.

  2. Graham

    I think everyone should have to go through a staffed checkout not only will it help to cut down on losses from stores it will also create much needed retail jobs.

    The self service checkouts and hand held scanners help to increase the amout of shop lifting in stores. Which does not help when so many retailers are struggling to survive.

    I hope the Police Officer makes a full recovery.

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