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Eltham pub expansion fallen through?

Courtesy Google. Former Zoots could have become part of Rusty Bucket

It looks as though plans to expand the Rusty Bucket pub in Eltham have fallen through.

Back in February a planning application went in to expand the pub into an adjoining unit. That was actually approved just two days ago – but of course much has changed since the application.

An email alert this week revealed the unit is now up for rent again. They are asking for rent of £18,500 a year. A tad optimistic in the current climate? Then again, not as bad as £75,000 being asked for a shop unit in Camberwell at the base of a new-build.

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  1. Hardly surprising given the damage that covid-19 has done to business. Perhaps a supermarket might be able to afford that £75,000 rent, but I don’t see it in the current trading climate.

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