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New Cross

Plan for 63 student rooms at site near New Cross venue club

Plans have been submitted to demolish low-rise commercial units including a former William Hill and build 63 student rooms a couple of door down from Venue in New Cross.

Frontage of new build

The current low rise buildings break up building lines. This offers a decent transition between existing buildings.


Overall it seems a decent use of land. Most students won’t mind living near a club, and well if they do, don’t move there. Students living for a year as freshers is a lot more suitable than people in full time employment, and the more student accommodation is built the fewer family homes become HMOs for students.

Click here to view plans.


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  1. CDT

    I like the idea of purpose built HMO student accomodation. This is a better option than coverting family homes to HMO’s. I think the student accomodation will fit in well and the students will love living near a night club.

    I also think the windowless hotel planned for Deptford would make good student accomodation if windows fitted to the rooms and there was not enough up take of the hotel rooms.

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