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Plumstead barbers forced to close after ignoring lockdown

A barbers on Plumstead High Street has become the first business in Greenwich borough forced to close after ignoring lockdown orders.

Members of the public reported the business was continuing to operate and upon investigation a business closure notice was served.

Only a small number of shops serving essential items such as food are allowed to remain open.

It is expected that the lockdown will be extended later this week. While some nations that locked down early are now beginning to have very limited openings, the French President yesterday announced a four week extension of their lockdown and the UK was one of the last major nations to order closures resulting in the country still not reaching its peak.




  1. Good. You can’t practice physical distancing whilst cutting someone’s hair.

  2. Graham

    Excellent. You cannot have social distancing while you are cutting someones hair,

    I being totally honest to say i am not surprise it was a business here on Plumstead High Street that was ignoring the Government’s advice to close as the service provided is not essential.

    Well done to the members of the public for reporting the business for opening during lockdown.

    Only one person had to go in to the barbers suffering with the symptons of coronvirus and several hundred of people using the barbers and their friends families and colleagues could have been infected or sadly worse.

  3. Kevin

    Totally agree. The owner of this Barbers shop was totally irresponsible and put many people at risk of contacting coronavirus.

    If lockdown is ended to soon we could see a second wave of coronavirus resulting in another pandemic. It is already back in China with 108 new cases recorded the other day/ Other countries are seeing more new cases after lockdown restrictions were lifted.

    The UK must get of this virus once and for all and do whatever it takes to do this.

    Thank you to all of our amazing NHS staff, Armed Forces, Emergency Services Staff, Carers, Refuge Collectors, Supermarket Staff, Public Transport Staff, Job Centre Staff and all Key Workers out there doing a fantastic job.

  4. Disappointed

    Note, the council is considered to be ‘as weak as water’ in plumstead, therefore it’s not surprising that the barbers decided to remain open regardless of the serious consequences.

    The question that needs to be asked is why did the barbers feel so confident. I suggest its because historically the council have not made their presence felt in Plumstead, especially when it comes to the rate of enforcement. Hopefully the council leaders will view this as a lesson learnt, grow some, and start to operate like a body that genuinely believes in their civic duties at all times.

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