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Plan to convert Plumstead’s Plume of Feathers pub into restaurant & takeaway

A planning application has been submitted to convert the Plume of Feathers in Plumstead into a restaurant and takeaway.

The pub closed in April 2019. The building was designated as an Asset of Community Value (ACV) in October 2019. However an appeal against that listing was allowed in January 2020.

Residents will be keeping a close eye given the applicant is Dhadda Estates Ltd. One of Dhadda’s two directors is listed as both a director of Dhadda and Balmonza. Balmonza has one director. The company and director were recently fined for demolishing Bexley Borough’s oldest pub in an unsafe manner.

Courtesy Google.

At the Belvedere Ye Olde Leather Bottle pub site, an investigation by the Health and Safety Executive found Balmonza Ltd had not arranged for gas and electricity supplies to be properly disconnected with the chance of an explosion.

There was no hoarding or fencing around the site as the building was being brought down.

Courtesy Google. Site of pub in 2018.

Balmonza Ltd was fined £20,000 with another £1000 costs. Kulvinder Singh pleaded guilty and fined £5000. He was ordered to pay costs of £1000. A history of activity at that site can be seen here.

While the Belvedere pub was not statutorily listed, the Plume in Plumstead is at Grade II.

Singh has also seen two enforcement notices served by Bexley Council after work on a property in Abbey Wood backing onto woodland. These are for:

  • Without planning permission increasing the height of an existing wall to exceed 2 metres in height.
  • Without planning permission the unauthorised excavation of the land to the rear of the property shown in approximate location outlined in blue on the site plan.
  • Without planning permission the unauthorised raising of the land to the rear of the property shown in the approximate location outlined in green on the site plan.
  • Without planning permission the erection of retaining walls to the rear of the property shown in the approximate location outlined in blue on the site plan.

The notices were issued over a year ago but no remedial work appears to have happened.

Click here to view plans.


  1. Peter

    So disappointing. The only pub around this end of the High Street and with the local social club in for housing the area is losing all of its community assets in short order. There are plenty of takeaways in the area. No need for another.

  2. Graham

    It is good to know that the Plume of Feathers pub building with be retained as is Grade II listed.

    However, after reading this article there are clearly going to be a lot of H&S issues relating to the refurbishment of this building and it’s conversion in to a Restaurant and Take Away that will need to be regular inspected by the H&S Executive and Building ensure the works are carried out correctly.and safely,

  3. Ironically I was blogging (Feb 2020) about the origins of the “plume of feathers” as an icon on clay pipes. Searching for link to this pub (along with the other “Feathers” on Park Row SE10). I found this sad news that pub being “developed”- That’s a serious blow – after the campaign to register it as a community asset – and after 300 + years on this site !

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