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Gym submits new details on proposed 84 extra parking spaces on Metropolitan Open Land

Gym is to right of where this image taken

David Lloyd gym has resubmitted further details for its plans for an expansion in Kidbrooke and has kept plans for 84 new car parking places.

I covered the previous plan in November 2019. The car parking spaces will be located on land designated as Metropolitan Open Land and within the Green Chain area.

Car park plan

It would take the total number of parking spaces on this site to 307.

After a site visit the gym has responded to questions from Greenwich Council planners and stated that despite seeking more spaces: “Members are all typically local and travel in from a 0 to 15-minute radius”.

Despite this, they state there is no target to encourage cycling, and even claim: “it is very difficult, particularly in the case of a premium gym facility like David Lloyd
to preach to its members how to travel. At best they can promote cycling through provision of more sheltered cycling facilities. This is why no targets are set for members.”

Increased congestion

The area is already seeing increased congestion as more homes complete as part of the adjacent 5,400 home Kidbrooke Village. In recent months a new Aldi supermarket opened and TfL gained approval for 619 homes on appeal.

Approved late 2019

Since covering plans in November for the gym and car park expansion, a new application has been made for 1,306 homes at Kidbrooke Village including 456 parking spaces.

An increase of 400 homes from prior masterplan totals


  1. tony g

    Hilarious, love it! Cycle a bike to the gym? Seems absurd doesn’t it….’premium facility’ Gym-goers couldn’t possibly slum it on a bicycle

  2. Roger Mead

    I wonder how many people join David Lloyd’s to use the car park. It is just 5 mins walk to Kidbrooke Station.

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