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Aldi open new Kidbrooke store on 5th December

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UPDATED 5/12/19: A new Aldi store opened this morning at the former Homebase site in Kidbrooke.

The store is open from:

  • Monday – Friday 8am – 10pm
  • Saturday 8am – 10pm
  • Sunday 10am – 4pm

After a “very challenging” 12 month contract to rebuild and fit out the old Homebase, work is now completeto make the Christmas rush.

New Aldi

The store will have a large customer base on its doorstep with over 5,000 homes coming to Kidbrooke Village , alongside 600 approved last month on appeal in aTfL development.

New homes in Kidbrooke

However, there is no pedestrian crossing a busy road on the shortest walk from those sites to the store.

Current area has lack of formal crossings despite increase in population and new shops

An underpass is in place though hardly the most welcoming.



  1. Steve

    Any news on what retailer will be in the smaller store on the site?

  2. Graham

    Excellent news for Aldi and the people of Kidbrooke and neighbouring Eltham. I hope the new Aldi Store and the retailer that takes the smaller adjacent unit have great success with their new stores.

    Some areas of Kidbrooke and the Rochester Way area still remains rather isolated in terms of local amenities and public transport and in particular bus services to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Woolwich Town Centre.

    Despite Queen Elizabeth Hospital opening to the public way back in 2001 and the Woolwich Arsenal Station DLR Station opening in 2009.

    There are still no pland to run a bus service along Rochester Way to Woolwich when the Crossrail Elizabeth LIne Station opens in late 2021 if not delayed even further to 2022.

    • Roger Mead

      There is the 178 bus which runs from Lewisham through Kidbrooke ( with a stop outside Aldi) right through to the hospital and Woolwich DLR . This will serve the Crossrail station in due course. There is also the new route 335 which starts in Kidbrooke and runs to North Greenwich . The B16 goes from Kidbrooke to Eltham. So for buses, we are now reasonable served. The problem will be the imminent closure of the rail line through Kidbrooke Station whilst trackside repairs are carried out.

  3. Chris Nash

    Looks like they’ve spent time pointlessly fitting a boxy facade onto the existing structure. I don’t see how they can complain about a “challenging” timescale when they include things that aren’t necessary to open a supermarket in an existing retail shed.

  4. anonymous201486

    Good news. I won’t have to do the tedious drive to the Greenwich store from Lee.

  5. shamrock luddite

    normally Aldi are known for their provision of very useful electric car chargers.
    None in the new store in Kidbrooke, sadly.

  6. I went out to the store yesterday lunchtime and it was heaving. Even though there is a lot of parking allocation – the old hand car wash site has been taken over – people were driving around looking for a spot. I’ll go again in the week or much earlier on the weekend.

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