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Crime, Sidcup

Group attack bus and cars on Sidcup High Street and Morrisons

Cars attacked at Morrisons car park

Another incident with a group of people attempting to rush into stores occurred yesterday in Sidcup.

It’s reported that a number of youths attempted to storm a co-op in Sidcup. Staff then rushed to pull down shutters and keep the group out.

Safer Sidcup state 12-15 people were involved.

They then headed to Sidcup High Street where a bus was damaged and then cars attacked at Morrisons car park.

Groups attempting to rush stores and steal items after overwhelming staff and security were seen last week in Charlton and Eltham.

Groups gathered in Charlton

Police are believed to have caught some but not all those behind the incidents. If you saw anything contact Police by calling 101.



  1. Paul SuperUnknown

    Prosecute the ones that have been caught, unless they give up (rat) on two of the rat bastards that got away!

  2. mick dee

    Jesus, this city is turning into some kind of free for all for bored opt-out losers – the police should baton and taser the **** out of these thugs and the absolute book thrown at them in the courts. No mercy should be shown, this is beyond reprehensible. With CCTV and phone location technology they should be easily caught if there was a will. Rehabilitation training programmes such as National Service are badly needed in this country, given the number of deluded lazy feral people that seem to exist here.

  3. Graham

    Yeah charge those youths that have already been caught. and throw the book at them in Court. If they are old enough to do these crimes then they are old enough to take the punishment.

    Any youth or young person aged between 16 and 25 that is not in school or college should be on a full time compulsory youth training schemes to equip them with new skills for the future.

  4. DWG

    Bring back National Service! A 3 year stint in the Army miles away from home would do them good? Helping out flood victims etc.,

    • Charles Calthrop

      I can’t imagine giving these thugs military training: they’ll find a way to wash out after they get bored and take a few basic tactics with them when they return to their beloved streets. Better that they serve the public doing visible acts of community service such as removing chewing gum from the pavement. The offenders are marked out wearing pink or rainbow jumpsuits – that should really deflate them in front of their peers.

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