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New Greenwich venue Magazine nears completion

Courtesy Magazine

A new music and events site in Greenwich named Magazine is nearing completion with final touches being applied to new buildings and outside space.

The site will be able to accommodate up to 10,000 visitors and is located north of a gold driving range to the west of the o2. New buildings on site can hold up to 3,000 people with another 7,000 accommodated outside on a riverside location looking towards Canary Wharf.

Courtesy Magazine

One aspiration is a music festival with stages inside and out.

The first event planned on 7th September is a “fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers/influencers” event for 5,000 people.

Courtesy Google

Developer Knight Dragon is behind the venture and the project is not related to the o2 – which is a stone’s throw away. The o2 has its own event on the 7th September and it will be interesting to see how the Jubilee Line holds up with events at both venues on the same day.

A new transport interchange for the o2 has just been cancelled and extra trains for the Jubilee Line were scrapped in late 2017.



  1. CDT

    I am looking forward to the new Magazine music and events venue opening. Not only should there be some great events held there. It will also be a boost for the local economy in Greenwich with thousands of visitors due to the area.

  2. CDT

    I think the Magazine Venue will be another boost to Greenwich and the local economy. With thousands of visitors due to attend the various events to be held there. On top of those already attending events at the nearby 02.

    I am guessing the Magazine venue may also be suitable for organisations to hold conferences during the day when other events are not taking place.

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