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Woolwich ferry misses another opening deadline

Another deadline has been missed for reopening the Woolwich Ferry today as teething troubles persist.

When the ferry stopped operating last October the intention was to have new boats and terminal equipment up and running by the end of December.

That didn’t happen and early January was given as a new date with the 15th projected to be the latest. It’s the 15th today and still no service apart from a limited trial last weekend.

There’s no date on what exactly the problem is nor a new target date. When there is I’ll put a post up on this site.


  1. Catherine Kell

    Its terrible that there is no info on any signs orwebsi about opening, just an old message saying closing on 10 October for 19 weeks.

  2. AKR

    The TfL website now states February 2019. Here’s hoping…

  3. Rod

    I used the ‘new’ ferry for the first time yesterday afternoon. ‘Limited Service’. Two new boats and only one working. We had to wait over an hour in a fairly short queue. Avoid if you can.

    Does anybody know when they plan to introduce a full service and fix the technical problems ? I thought the aim was a faster service, as it stands the old system was much better !

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