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Victorian building’s refurbishment in Deptford

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A Victorian building believed to have once been a “Coffee Tavern” will be refurbished and extended to provide a block of flats at 28 Arklow Road in Deptford.

14 flats will be included.


The building is currently known as Safa House and in the midst of much development.

Just west is a 336-home development including a 22-floor tower located where rail lines converge on the way to London Bridge.

Though now in poor shape, the building is a welcome site in the area which has seen much of its heritage swept away. It offers a pleasing contrast to new builds in the area.

The architects are Barron Edwards.

Planning reference: DC/18/106569. Click here to search and view plans.



  1. anonymous201486

    I regularly pass this building on my journeys into London. I am so pleased that it is being refurbished rather than raised to the ground.

  2. CDT

    Good to see this building is going to be refurbished and brought back in to use. While maintaining some of the buildings original character.

  3. JE

    Hang on, there has NEVER been a plan to demolish this building. In fact Anthology (development next door) almost bought it to turn into duplexes plus a business unit (coffee shop) on the ground floor. It would have broken even but benefitted their main development. Seller got greedy and sale didn’t happen. The owner put in a shoddy plan to turn the whole thing into flats and there were objections from local people. This new plan sees a coffee shop shoehorned into the back.

    It was The Stone Institute to compliment the factory up the street. This s plan isn’t actually all that great when you consider the building wasn’t actually under threat if demolition. The ground floor should ALL be cafes and/or shops

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