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The changing face of Deptford Creek

Some photos here taken last week on a now pretty rare train trip between Deptford and Greenwich. They show the changing shape of the area as numerous housing developments push forward.

The tower by Creek Road continues to flesh out as floors are added around the central core. The tower is 100% private rented.

Work is also well underway on the Thames Tideway sewer tunnel:

Kent Wharf from Bellway Homes can be seen on the left. Here’s some of the recently-exposed facade of the development:

Sun Wharf is adjacent to this site (the factory seen above) and is the current site of removal company Jones:

Hanging on in there

There are plans to demolish this and replace with another (really quite dull) tower:

Deptford Dame looked at the plans last year.

There are also further plans at No 1, No 2 and No 3 Creekside to the south which Crosswhatfields has done a brilliant job covering.

On the other side of the Creek a recently completed development on Norman Road was supposed to open up a walkway beside the water (or mud). I’ve never seen it open. The gates are always shut when I pass. Anyone seen them open?

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  1. GWEST

    Never seen that open no, quite disappointing, I was also under the impression this would be open to the public.

    What are those big black pillars/columns, part of the tideway tunnel?

  2. Chris

    I’ve not seen the gates open either. I didn’t know they were meant to be at some stage.
    I really like Deptford Creek. You can see kingfishers whizzing around if you look carefully. Also, watching the barges moor at the Euromix cement works can be fascinating, they make it look it easy when you know it aint! They do it on a rising tide and just about squeeze under the bridge!

  3. anonymous201486

    Developers are fast privatising what should be public walkways. There was an article in The Guardian about this that can be read here:

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