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Former Greenwich pub and shop demolished

22-storey tower rising on Creek Road

Now you see it:

Now you don’t:

The former Book Time shop on Creek Road in Greenwich met the wrecking ball last week. This is what will replace it:

The former building was of great character with lovely detailing. I loved the glazed tiles:

In the last few weeks I took this pic showing the decrepit state it had descended into:

Plans for replacement with flats were approved in June. The design follows the lines of the Gramercy development which is directly next door and completed in recent months. Work is underway to fit out a gym:


  1. Frank

    Ah. That’s a pity. At least they’ll replace it with something that the area lacks – bland, homogenous, soulless architecture which will cost the earth to rent/buy. Oh, wait…

  2. Chris

    I wonder what time the artist sat down with his easel to do his bit? A mere two cars heading into Greenwich I see.

    This is obviously why the gentleman on the balcony is outside enjoying the fresh air that area is known for….

  3. Chris Nash

    Ugh. I’m all for modernisation of crumbling, decrepit buildings, but there are exceptions and that (former) pub was lovely – it could’ve been done up quite nicely if anyone had had the will. And are they replacing it with something unique? No, they’re creating a solid wall of boring flats. Give it another 30 years and these developments will be thought of in the same way that the 1970s/80s concrete towers and flat-roof pubs are today, with developers queuing up to “redevelop” them.

  4. GWEST

    So we’re gonna solve the housing crisis by stopping building?
    While already in a sorry state, for the complete decrepit state we can thank the hippy activist nimby squatters.

    Design looks great to me and with the buildings next to great addition to the area.

    • fromthemurkydepths

      In this case there’s little difference in the homes provided than achievable by conversion.

  5. Chris

    GWEST – Takes all sorts mate. One man’s ‘boring’ is another’s ‘great addition to the area.’ I’m with the former camp.

    The housing crisis largely affects those on lower to medium incomes. Do you honestly think these flats will address their problems?

    • Jim

      Actually yes. Anything that increases the available pool of housing provides more housing and prices come down.

  6. GWEST

    I do. Social housing doesn’t build itself. In my development there 2 blocks of social housing as well as subsidized shared ownership. Yes it could be -more- available but without it these people wouldn’t be able to live here without these schemes.

    On a lighter note, I just discovered that with google streetview you can time-travel between old and new, just start at cutty sark and you still see the (crappy underused) old buildings

    • GWEST

      available-> affordable

    • anonymous201486

      You are saying that people should be grateful for these crumbs. A lot more could be done if there was the will, but it’s easier to exhile the poor rather than provide homes.

  7. anonymous201486

    The book shop was a lovely old building allowed to fall into decay by whomever owned it. I last walked past when the demolition was down to fascia level. Such a shame.

  8. Paul T

    I objected to the demolition and saw this waved through at committee – unfortunately, no one objected at that point, which might have saved the building. It could perfectly well make flats but that simply offers a smaller profit for developers.

    It is part of a continuing process in Greenwich, where heritage consultants are happy with demolishing anything (read the statement on this, it’s pretty much, there aren’t many old buildings left here, so why does losing one more matter), and where planners are keen to co-operate closely with developers and wave through new-build as quickly as possible.

  9. Denzil

    i remember them campaigning to keep the bookshop away from developers around 10 years ago. Very sad. Replacement building very unsightly.

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