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582 homes and new cinema before Greenwich’s Planning Board next week

Greenwich Council’s Planning Board will decide on three applications next week totalling 582 homes across the borough. Three developments are featured; one in Abbey Wood with 245 homes, one in Woolwich with 300 and one in Charlton totalling 37 homes.

The biggest proposal is in Woolwich, which was covered almost a year ago. This scheme is for the island site in the middle of Thomas Street, Wellington Street, Polytechnic Street and Calderwood Street. A cinema is part of the plan.

It retains all buildings of merit (there’s many there) and demolishes the dross. By doing so it open up internal space and creates walking links. This will be a fantastic boost for the town.

Next up is a tower in Abbey Wood. The initial plans were pretty bad and were recently revised. A less gloomy colour palette is now in evidence. 245 flats are planned.

Finally, there’s 37 homes near Charlton village with Greenwich Council behind this proposal, which was covered in more detail here. This is a very welcome scheme to provide more truly affordable housing.

A welcome step, but Greenwich Council could be far more pro-active in providing housing. Doing so outright is extremely difficult with central government caps but they can use their arms-length management company Meridian to avoid caps.

Sadly, they have been very slow to do so (Meridian was created in 2011) and are instead using millions in right-to-buy to buy homes off the market (at what appears to be peak prices) at three times the cost of partnering with Meridian or other developers, including Housing Associations, and which does nothing to add to overall housing numbers.

The whole thing was covered here. Some more details have come to light which I’ll cover soon.

The Planning Board meeting is being held on Tuesday 3rd October at 6:30pm at Woolwich Town Hall. Click here to view the agenda.


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