Hundreds more homes now under way at former Greenwich hospital site

The next stage of Greenwich Square is now well underway on the former site of Greenwich hospital.

Large blocks of flats are rising and will eventually total 686 new homes across both stages.

The figure for total homes was revised up in 2016 from 645.

Site of final stage

The extra homes are accommodated through an additional floor being added to blocks.

An internal courtyard will be available for residents. The colour palette will not be as overwhelmingly grey as in the first stage. Unless it’s changed again. Green features prominently.

Stage 1 was pretty much one-tone:

Stage 1

That cladding has since been revealed as the most flammble level 3 type and needs replacing. 24/7 fire wardens have been patrolling the building.

Hundreds of new homes should help the adjacent Greenwich leisure centre which has seen members drop by 9% over the past year in figures just released.

Nearby streets

Little work has been carried out on nearby streets so far despite the growth in new homes.

Parking in east Greenwich is often poor, blocking buses, cyclists and general traffic:

Trafalgar Road is narrow and tough to improve, yet excessive street clutter and obstacles are an issue. Some small scale changes have recently been undertaken due to TfL funding, yet more is a must.

Street clutter everywhere – railings, posts etc

New paving has been installed at certain junctions which continues paving and present pedestrians with priority:

The street was looking a little better due to this work, yet the perennial issue of poor parking enforcement was blighting the area  – like so many others.

If Greenwich Council want to improve things for pedestrians and cyclists it’s an absolute must to work on this area. Few will risk cycling as things stand, and walking on cramped, narrow and clutter filled pavements is just not appealing. A decent start then, but much to do.

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One thought on “Hundreds more homes now under way at former Greenwich hospital site

  • An under the radar development but a big one. Trafalgar Road will be as packed as roads around Ikea soon!


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