An air ambulance has landed in Abbey Wood after a schoolgirl was hit by a car in an apparent hit and run.

Its the second accident in recent weeks since road “improvement” works were carried out.

A man has been arrested after a Skoda Fabia hit the girl then fled. He is currently being questioned on  suspicion of causing serious injury by dangerous driving and failing to stop at the scene of an accident.

Last year TfL gave £3.5 million to Greenwich Council and they chose £120,000 to spend on Eynsham Drive, yet the authority consulted far less with residents on new schemes than boroughs such as Lewisham.

Work was late, barely consulted upon and a bit of a mess. Many local people have complained about the changes.

On my first trip through, recent road changes blocked the bus I was on and cars were passing on the wrong side of the road (though that was at Basildon Road junction).

More money is due to be spent this financial year. Will a more substantial consultation be held? The changes already seem to have caused increased issues aside from these accidents, and not addressed problems in the area.

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