Lewisham Shopping Centre to be upgraded and renamed Lewisham Place

Lewisham Shopping Centre owners Land Securities (or Landsec as they’ve rebranded themselves) have just gained approval from Lewisham Council for a series of upgrades.

The focus is mainly on improving the six entrances to the site, which itself appears to be renamed as “Lewisham Place”. The centre first opened in 1977 and has undergone internal refurbishment in recent years.

The centre is embedded amongst older stores with a multi-storey car park to the rear on Molesworth Street alongside the former Citibank tower.

The planning application states:

The design for the six entrances is in line with the principles intended for the rest of the Shopping Centre which include the use if timber, natural stone and stainless steel as materials and shades of green and grey for the colour palette and graphics with the intention to brighten up and refresh the space.

The entrance closest to Lewisham station and new builds at Lewisham Gateway is to be upgraded. A new green wall is apparent above the canopy.

Click for larger image

This is also the entrance to Citibank’s former tower which has had a couple of planning applications for conversion to 240 flats.

Here’s a before and after showing the main entrance by Lewisham market:



The rather forgotten entrance by the car park is also to be improved:

The planning reference is DC/18/105579. Search on Lewisham’s Planning Portal here.

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    8 thoughts on “Lewisham Shopping Centre to be upgraded and renamed Lewisham Place

    • It’s just gilding a turd. The redbrick is horrid and the green reminds me of a jobcentre plus building.

    • the whole centre needs redevelopment. Likely by knocking it down and radically changing lots of the space to residential. The high street is also shameful with appallingly bad post war builidings that should just be demolished. The Victorian clock tower is increasingly dilapidated, surrounded by lw rent food stalls, the market is a mess.

      When are the lazy Labour Council going to pull their finger out and start doing something.

    • This part of Lewisham is already carpeted with crappy new developments with even more being squeezed in.

      Whilst the shopping centre building is ugly, there is very little vacancy inside – the former BhS shop remains empty and Evans has recently gone – and smaller units are quickly let. There are longstanding tenants such as M&S, Sainsbury’s and Boots. Next, Clarks and a couple of other national chains have been in the centre for many years. Wilkinson’s has recently opened a store in the centre, but I wonder why it didn’t go for the old BhS space, which is much bigger and fronts the high street.

      The buildings in the high street suffer from the neglect of the landlords, with upper floors that could be turned into accommodation and empty shops that could also be converted into housing. The old postoffice building had been granted permission for conversion into flats, but there is no evidence that is going ahead. The clock has been stopped for over a year and each face says a different time. I think the council has just decided not to do anything about it, which is a shame as it is a landmark structure.

      • The clock is in an abysmal state.
        The door has recently been replaced with chipboard now covered in graffiti. It’s Lewisham’s historic landmark and is slowly rotting away, surrounded by naff fast food tents.

        The Council really should be ashamed of themselves. And why do they need worry because they face no meaningful challenge come election time.

    • As Anonymous 201486 said the actual Shopping Centre is well occupied. It could however, do with some upgrading with better lighting and CCTV for example. I think more could be done by Lewisham Council to improve the look of Lewisham High Street.

    • There seems very little ambition or vision for Lewisham. When you compare to the ambition and development of somewhere like Hackney, there’s no reason Lewisham couldn’t do the same. V disappointing in terms of regeneration and lets down residents

    • I think it looks cheap. Like what’s already there.
      Pity as I was hoping the design would be in keep with the update and regeneration of the area. This dooesnt suit

    • Lewisham town centre will always be a little bit downmarket, notwithstanding the expensive rabbit hutches being thrown up and houses in the £1m plus price bracket within a couple of minutes’ walk.

      The high street is crowded with small, ugly, ramshackle shops with rents just low enough to give the landlords a return, but little else. The landlords would rather have money coming in than empty units at rents no one can afford.


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