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Coinford wins contract to build new Blackheath development

A Berkeley Homes development of 30 homes at Lee Terrace in Blackheath has taken a step forward after building firm Coinford won the contract to construct the building. There will be 10 houses and 20 flats.

Coinford have a long-standing relationship with Berkeley Homes, and have constructed some of the towers now being built in Woolwich alongside the towers in Kidbrooke beside the station.

Thames-side towers at Woolwich

The development is on the site of a car dealership. Renders show a replacement on the ground floor and homes above, which is a far better use of land. Whether it will be a replacement though I’m not sure, as the dealership has taken a spot at Berkeley’s development in Woolwich.

By the way, Coinford are worth a follow on Twitter as they regularly post photos showing progress at their sites.

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  1. What a shame. Quite a prominent spot (about 100m from where I live), and quite a big building for the area. Maybe they should have got an architect in, rather than leaving the design to the quantity surveyor – I’m not sure the pseudo-conservation “nothing to see here” look really works for such an ungainly lump.

    Also hope that the single large commercial unit space doesn’t remain empty long term , as is the fashion in these parts (if the garage has indeed moved elsewhere).

  2. anonymous201486

    The illustrated building looks enormous. The site is not that wide, although it goes back quite a bit. The Stephen James BMW showroom has been demolished and the groundworks have begun.

  3. anonymous201486

    I had another look at the site as I was passing. It’s bigger than I thought as the black glass annexe fooled the eye. I still think the new building is overscale and that the retail space should be ditched. On second thoughts, this would be an ideal site for a Waitrose as there are bus stops a few metres away and the area is close to Blackheath Village.

  4. anonymous201486

    I have since discovered that the BMW showroom will be returning, so no Waitrose.

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